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The Passing of the Torch: Marketing Joe Flacco as the New Face of the Ravens

Super Bowl MVP and $120 Million Dollar Man! When the final lights shut down (for the second time that evening) at the Superdome in New Orleans the Baltimore Ravens were crowned the Super Bowl Champions. And a curtain was closed on their team.  Their franchise player for over the past 15 years Ray Lewis had…

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Half Court Shot Promotion: A Sports Marketing Opportunity at its Finest

And now Ladies and Gentlemen your attention PLEASE! Sports Networker, yeah who would name their kid that, has the opportunity to win $25,000.00 if he can make this one time shot from half court.  Put your hands together and cheer him on! Sports Networker shoots, it’s up, it’s close, oh boy just off to the…

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The NBA’s College team: The Indiana Pacers

Fanatics are Alive and Well in the NBA I feel that a lot of my friends who don’t watch the NBA like to give it a lot of flack.  The common misconceptions that I hear range from “They don’t play defense in the regular season” to “The fans are boring” to “They are just all…

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Super Bowl: The Year After the Big Win

Two Franchises: One Winner.  On AND Off the Field I can honestly name if you gave me a few minutes every single Super Bowl winner over the past 30 years and probably ever.  I do not even consider myself a diehard NFL fan.  I have been to 10ish NFL games in my life, no playoff…

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The Impact of Sports Betting

Remember that play early in the NFL Season?! $300 Million Dollars changed hands because of the decision on this play. I didn’t watch that game and while I saw the highlight the next day about 75 times throughout the day anytime I turned on the radio, my smart phone, or the TV I forgot about…

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Setting Your Sports Business Mission Statement for 2013

It’s not a resolution it’s a mission statement! 2013 will be a month in before we know it.  I’m sure 50% of America has already tossed away their laundry list of New Year’s Resolutions. I recommend instead of a “I can’t do this” and “I’ll stop doing that” type of list that in 2013 you strive…

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Do You Need A Graduate Degree To Work In Sports?

Are you on the fence about going for a graduate degree? This article is for you! We here at Sports Networker thought it would be interesting to debate the idea if receiving a masters degree or higher is essential to acquiring and maintaining a high ranking position in sports. We brought in two of our own authors,…

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Interaction on Social Media: How to Build Rapport and Value

LIKE ME, RETWEET ME, FOLLOW ME, LINK WITH ME! It gets overwhelming at times.  How do you accurately interact on social media? The trick is trying to figure out how to get your message across, increase your exposure, but make sure you do it in a way that builds rapport with those in your social…

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Goal Setting to Get a Sports Job

Listen here Sonny Boy!  Set goals to achieve your dreams! How many times have we heard Uncle Bob tell us that when we were growing up as kids?  Great advice, generally though Uncle Bob did not also provide the actionable path to how to set those goals and what those goals needed to be in…

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Maryland and Rutgers Join The Big Ten…Wait…Why?

The Times They Are A Changin’–Bob Dylan Even Bob Dylan’s words from his 1960s classic rings true in 2012 in College Football.  The landscape has changed in college football drastically over the past few years. A 4 team playoff begins next year and conference realignment is at an all time high.  I honestly can’t keep…

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ESPN 30 for 30: Sports is Only the Beginning

They are back and better than ever! When ESPN first launched its highly acclaimed 30 for 30 Series I knew little of what to expect.  Other than the fact that I thought I would enjoy it.  Bill Simmons was behind it and I had been a huge fan of his columns, podcasts, and his book  for some…

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The Fan of Tomorrow

This is the Fan of Tomorrow’s humble opinion… Of what could happen decades down the road to the sports industry.  The words and opinions expressed by the Fan of Tomorrow are not directly linked with the author’s views but since we don’t know what the future holds for certain it would be best advised to be…

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