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Unique Ticket Sales Campaigns

We are now happily accepting your money! Have you ever heard this before in a ticket sales campaign? We will now accept your hard earned cash for a sporting event over a year away! Put your money down NOW OR ELSE miss the chance of seeing your favorite team next year live and in person. And of course…

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Fan Engagement at the 2012 Final Four

Instead of just simply finding a unique fan engagement story by a sports team or a sporting event for their fans and then writing about it I thought instead I would take the route of telling of my own personal experience as a fan recently at the 2012 Final Four in New Orleans.  I will…

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How Benchwarmer, Mark Titus, Turned a Hobby into a Career

We always say we want to work for a company in the sports industry. And we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get our foot in the door at those companies, send them our resume and portfolio, network with those that may already work there. Or we could just use our own…

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5 Tips To Land A Job In Sports Sponsorship

Everyone wants a career in sports.  But how do you get it? This post is very simple in purpose and yet overly important for your life and your career.  We all grow up cheering for our favorite sports teams and saying we are going to play for them one day. Unfortunately we don’t all get…

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March Madness: Closing the Deal

“It is Awesome with a Capital A baby!”-Dick Vitale March Madness is here.  College basketball’s final frontier.  It is a final exam for 68 teams, all with one goal in mind.  (Yes even the teams that are 16 seeds do play with the mindset that they can beat anyone.) And if you aren’t excited yet…

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Do the Top Teams in the NBA Dominate on Facebook?

As of the NBA All Star Break on Monday February 27th the top 7 teams in the NBA looked like this from top to bottom. 1. Miami Heat 27-7 2. Oklahoma City Thunder (my favorite team just throwing it out there) 27-7 3. Chicago Bulls 27-8 4. San Antonio Spurs 24-10 5. LA Clippers (When was…

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Twitter and Sports Broadcasting: A Brave New World

Tune in to tomorrow’s show to catch all of the up to date information in the sports world! Turn on Channel 3 tonight at 1130 for all of the sports action both locally and nationally! Those were words you used to and still hear out of sports broadcasters mouths promoting their TV and Radio shows. …

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