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Ultimate Sports Job Guide – V1

Are You Struggling To Land Your Dream Job In Sports?

Want To Know The Simple Steps You Can Take To Stand Out From 1000’s of Applicants Looking To Steal Your Dream Job In Sports?

The Ultimate Sports Job Guide is for aspiring sports business professionals looking to get their first job in sports and the seasoned business professional hoping to make a career transition into the sports industry. 

SN Ultimate Sports Job Guide

    • Discover the 1000’s of sports jobs you didn’t even know about (until now!)
    • Learn what it takes to separate yourself from your competition in the sports industry
    • Learn the mistakes many successful sports business professionals have made (so you don’t have)
    • Find out where you can get the best education to help get your foot in the door
    • Discover where to search for over 4000+ sports jobs around the world

Limited Time Price = $47

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    • I don’t know where to start looking for a job in sports
    • I have no experience working in sports….how can I get some?
    • I have lots of unpaid intern experience, but I can’t get a paying job in sports
    • I don’t have a sports degree, how can I possibly compete with other applicants?
    • I keep submitting resumes but never get called for an interview!
    • I’ve been through dozens of sports job interviews but never get the job
    • I have tons of real world experience in another industry, isn’t that worth something?
    • I know that if I was just given the chance that I would CRUSH it!! (in a good way ūüôā

Don’t worry……you are not alone!

You’ve probably heard numerous times that the sports industry is ultra-competitive, but did you know that the difference between you getting a job in sports and getting turned away comes down to a few simple things that you are in complete control over?

Many people face the exact same challenges as you. But, the difference between them and you is that they aren’t willing to do anything about it! ¬†And, the fact that you are here looking at this page proves that you are committed to fulfilling your goal of landing your dream job in sports!



Sports Job Cover Letter eBook


    • 50 Pages
    • Learn The 12 Rules For Writing A Winning Cover Letter
    • Understand The 7 Power Openers That Capture Attention!
    • Learn What Should NOT Be In Your Cover Letter
    • View Sample Cover Letter Templates To Help You Get Started

$27 Value

Sports Job Resume eBook


    • 45 Pages
    • Learn The Basics Of Effective Resume Writing
    • Understand The Key Elements Of A Resume That Will Impress!
    • Learn What Should NOT Be In Your Resume
    • View Sample Resume Templates To Help You Get Started

$27 Value

Sports Job Interview eBook


    • 32 Pages
    • Understand How To Get The Interview
    • Prepare For The Questions You WILL Be Asked During The Interview
    • Understand Some Of The Do’s and Don’t During The Interview
    • Learn How To Follow up Effectively After Your Interview

$27 Value

Webinar Replay: 6 MISTAKES


    • Are you tired of being ignored or rejected for jobs in sports?
    • Are you tired of plugging along in a job you are not passionate about?
    • Would you like to learn a step-by-step process for landing your dream job in the highly competitive sports industry?
    • If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this you definitely want to get your hands on this 40 minute webinar recording!

    Despite being told it would be ‚Äúimpossible,‚ÄĚ Pete Leibman landed his dream job as an NBA executive when he was only 21 years old.¬† He was promoted into management for the NBA‚Äôs Washington Wizards less than 2 years later, and he ranked as the franchise‚Äôs #1 Salesperson of the Year for 3 straight seasons.¬† Pete‚Äôs career advice has also been featured on Fox, CBS, and CNN.

$97 Value

We are confident that you are going to find tremendous value in the purchase you are about to make. ¬†But…….if for any reason, you do not feel that what you have received is worth what you paid, you can request a full refund within 30 days….no questions asked. ¬†So, what do you have to lose? NOTHING! ¬†You can be confident that no matter what happens, our goal is to ensure that you are happy and that the information we will provide you will give you the edge you are looking for!

We have helped HUNDREDS of people just like you land their dream job in sports.  

And, until now, we have NEVER packaged so much into one AMAZING deal!

So if you DREAM of a rewarding career in Sports Marketing, Sports Management, Sports Administration, Sports Entertainment, Sports Medicine, Sports Psychology, Sports Sales, Sports Events, Sports Media, Sports Fitness or Sports Recreation then this package is for you!.

USJG Full Package

    • The Ultimate Sports Job Guide ($47 value)
    • How To Write A Winning Sports Job Cover Letter ($27 value)
    • How To Write A Winning Sports Job Resume¬†($27 value)
    • How To Ace Your Sports Job Interview¬†($27 value)
    • Webinar Replay:¬†The 6 Biggest Mistakes Sports Job Seekers Make‚Ķ..And How To Avoid Them¬†($97 value)

Total Value = $225 

Limited Time Price = $47

Once you complete your transaction (one time fee), you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link to access all of the items listed above.  In order to view the ebooks you will need a PDF reader (ie. Mac Preview, Adobe Reader, etc)