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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales: Journey Continues


Over the past 20 odd weeks we have gone over 10.5 steps to ensure your career in sports sales is one in which you don’t just survive but thrive!  From developing a personal brand to reading books every month to having an overflowing funnel of prospects and ideas to never letting complacency set in – we have gone full circle.

Now the question is…what now?  What happens?  The Journey Continues!

Well first off there is taking action on all of these 10.5 steps. Without action we will always struggle.  With action we can do anything we set our minds to.  But after that we need to have the mindset that the journey continues.  That these 10.5 steps are just the launching point for our career in sports sales.

Sports sales is a sought after career and highly coveted industry to enter.  You can make as high of an income as you can push yourself to achieve, but you also get to work in an industry that you are passionate about and you love.

And that is why the journey continues.

Because you don’t want to give that unbelievable opportunity up, to let someone else come in and take what you have worked so hard to achieve up to this point in your career.

There is always room for improvement.  Each day lends itself to you to take what you want from it and to give everything you can.  Those 10.5 steps can always be improved upon, added to and edited as you learn, mature and grow in your career.

It’s Time to GO

The journey continues. Now go for it!

The journey continues. Now go for it!

The journey continues elsewhere because we have learned what we needed to learn here.  There are no more concepts needed here to kick butt in your career in sports sales.  It’s time to go and do it.  You can and you will achieve your goals with your unbelievable skill set and these 10.5 steps.

I only started selling hot dogs in college to pay the rent and to have a little extra money. Never did I believe that it was going to be something that would set the stage for how I would live and breathe the next twelve plus years of my life.  But it has.  And it’s because not only was I somewhat okay at selling these hot dogs but I loved doing it.

I’ll leave you with this. Your journey continues now.  Mine does as well.  Let’s work together and I’ll help you in every way possible. You can and will thrive in sports sales with these 10.5 steps because you wouldn’t be in sports sales if you didn’t love it. To work in sports probably means for you to tap into your passion.  And in my world tapping into your passion is called “finding your hot dog stand.”

Every single one of us has a hot dog stand in their lives.  Somewhere passion and motivation are yearning to come out of us, and when we tap into it there’s no telling everything we’ll be able to accomplish and feel satisfaction from in life!

Thanks for reading everyone and for sharing your feedback and thoughts on this series!  We’ll be turning these steps into a full Ebook that you’ll be able to download and utilize each and every day. 

What’s next here?  I’ll be writing another series of articles designed to help you to keep learning and growing to kick butt in the sports business industry.  In the meantime stay tuned to for everything I have to offer to help you achieve your goals and dreams!

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