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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 1: Remarkable Level of Customer Service

The economy in America is going to crumble because of healthcare and our deficit.   Europe will become a continent of third world countries because of the debt crises.   The NFL is going to be banned by the government because of concussions.   There will NEVER be another band like the Beatles or the…

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Dream Job in Sports

Landing Your Dream Job in Sports Comes Down to the “Power of You!”

We talk about landing that Dream Job in Sports a lot don’t we?! Here at SportsNetworker we are trying to help you land that dream job. After all, cashing in on a passion and being involved in an industry that you love will enable you to so much more excited about your career than just…

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Sports Sponsorship

5 Must Ways to Sell in Sports Sponsorship

Congratulations, you are in Sports Sponsorship! What does that really mean??  Uh oh!  You are in that dreaded S word career now…SALES! It’s actually a great and proud (if you do it the right way) career to be in, and since I am a “Sales Guys with a Hot Dog Marketing Problem” and have been…

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Sports Business Dress Code: What to Wear to Work

“What the heck are you wearing!?” Those are words that you hope to never hear from your boss. Though it might not be as strict as the NBA Dress Code after David Stern decided to enforce a dress code because guys like Allen Iverson were wearing white turtle necks with jerseys over them, your company will…

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Pros and Cons of Constant Sports Media Coverage

Has all of Twitter gone Crazy?!?! It’s everywhere.  And it’s in your face all of the time:  Sports Media Coverage. I actually recall days just ten years ago when SportsCenter would air a live episode at 7am and then air the same one over and over again all morning long until another new one at say…

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Red Flags in a Sports Job Interview

Where do the athletes come in at? Where’s that entrance? What… I’m drooling? Yes, you want to work in sports.  Yes, you are going to be excited at your job interview. But there are some red flags that will pop depending on how you choose to wave your passion flag about the sports company or team…

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AAA Baseball: The Dog Days of Summer

The sweat literally drops off your earlobe and hits the ground.  The back of your shorts begin to get sticky by the second inning and the thought of extra innings starts to make you grumpier than Kobe Bryant when he doesn’t win an NBA title. That description can only mean one thing! The dog days…

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How to Stay Ahead of the Game and Gain Traction With Your Company

Sucking up isn’t the only way Contrary to popular demand there are many alternatives to sucking up that will put you ahead of the game and help you gain traction within your company and with your managers. In fact with the way people see through each other more and more nowadays unless your boss is…

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NBA Playoff Elimination: What to do Now??

Let’s not sit around and cry about it! I understand it’s their profession, they care deeply about it.  But once you get eliminated from the NBA playoffs you can’t just sit around and sulk.  You have to get back up and make your fans care about you still and your team relevant during the rest…

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Marketing at the Concession Stand

Athletes love to eat, right? I wrote a  on Hot Dogs so I am truly honored and excited to write an article on the marketing of athletes at concession stands and the possibilities that sports brands have to now combine their lovable athletes with something they truly would like to market: FOOD! With the Pittsburgh Steelers launching…

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Marketability of Miami Heat Now That the Streak is Over

What happened to the bad guys?! The Miami Heat have lost.  27 W’s in a row, though.  The 2nd longest regular season winning streak of all time.  It doesn’t mean anything unless they win the title (which they will) but it sure would be a nice sidenote to this season to go along with the…

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Manti Te’o Giving up Social Media? Is he Doing the Right Thing?

Is Stopping the Right Thing to do? No we haven’t lost our minds here at Sports Networker.  We want to dig deeper.  Do you give something up because it didn’t work out for you the way you envisioned it?  Okay not just work out, but really almost cost you your career. A few weeks ago one…

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