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Five Obtainable High Paying Sports Jobs

Most people’s primary reason for wanting to get involved in the sports industry is passion (an adjective that Kristi Dosh says is the most overused cover letters and resumes) and of course money. If you want to make a substantial amount of money doing a job you love take a look at the following list of these…

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Sports Media Will Help Industry Growth Through 2017

In a bit of a stagnant economy, US sports have proven to be quite consistent in their growth over the years. This isn’t to say that the sports industry hasn’t been affected by the “economic fallout,” but it has at least stayed relatively healthy. A steady three percent annual growth rate over the last five…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 4)

I shed a happy tear as I write this last article of the 4 Step process to earning a job in sports.  If you missed out on the fun of any the previous 3 Steps, you should definitely check them out!  But I know you are anxious for answers, so lets go!  You now have…

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5 Quick Tips to Help You Overcome the Frustration of Breaking Into Sports

If you’re still trying to land that elusive first job in sports, there’s no doubt you’re feeling some level of frustration. I get lots of emails that express that frustration such as, “I don’t even know where to begin!” Or, “I got an internship, but can’t find a full-time job!” Or, “It doesn’t seem like…

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3 Tips to Landing a Job in Sports Sales

A job in sales is the best way to break into the sports industry since the majority of jobs in sports have a revenue-generating function.  For example, when I worked for the NBA’s Washington Wizards, the PR department consisted of three employees, the game operations department consisted of four people, and the marketing department consisted…

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3 Ways to Gain Experience in the Sports Industry

If you’re pursuing a job in the sports industry, one of the most frustrating things you will hear from employers—that is, if you’re not prepared—are those two dreaded words: “Experience Required.” I always thought, “How in the world can I get experience, when the only employers hiring are those that require experience?” It never made sense to me. That…

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The Psychology Of Social Sports Fans: What Makes Them So Crazy?

From Longyearbyen to Ushuaia the world is filled with fans. They are the lifeblood of professional sports and the only reason why anybody in the industry receives a check. According to a recent A.T. Kearney study today’s global sports industry is worth between €350 billion and €450 billion ($480-$620 billion). In an industry of this size and scope connecting to and…

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Thirty Under 30 Awards- Are You a Rising Star in the Sports Industry?

Thirty Under 30 Awards If you’re a rising star in the sports industry – or know someone who is – it’s time to make your nomination for the inaugural Thirty Under 30 Awards brought to you by SPORTS LAUNCH – The Magazine. The Thirty Under 30 Awards have been established to recognize college students and young…

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7 Ways to Use Resourcefulness in the Sports Industry

Are you seeking a career in the sports industry or are you already steeped in it? No matter where you find yourself, I have highlighted seven helpful ways to use resourcefulness so you can gain an advantage in the sports field. 1. Preparation Is Everything. It’s always a good idea, whether in your career or…

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How the NFL Lockout Could Impact Businesses

Our friends at Column Five Media has done it again with this NFL Lockout Infographic.  Make sure to check out the previous NFL Lockout post but also learn more about how the NFL Lockout could impact businesses in this image above.   Here is a line from the original post at the intuit blog. Even…

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How To Slam Dunk Season Ticket Sales During The Off Season

Some teams are knee deep into playoff ticket sales, renewals for next season, and a rush of new season ticket sales to reserve their priority numbers for next season. That’s great! However, this may not be the case for the rest of the teams in the NBA, NHL, or NLL. Great seasons have come to…

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Selling the Combine: A Case Study

Guest Post by Sam Caucci It’s that time of year. From coast to coast trainers have just finished preparing NFL hopefuls for the most important race of their football career: the tests where millions of dollars are on the line. NFL Agents have turned over their newest investments to NFL Draft Prep facilities all over…

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