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Reach out in New and Creative Ways for Ticket Sales

TheTruthAbout...I always take the opportunity to reach out to a customer and show off a brand I represent. I won’t lie, I had a college professor that pounded this into my head for a semester.  Working in ticket sales a few years later, I searched for ways to capitalize on this point.

In today’s ticket selling environment some of the most frequent “reaching” out to customers is often through an e-mail blast or annual phone call of some sort.  These customers receive the same treatment from companies across all industries, not just ticket sales people.  I search for new ways to build rapport and trust with current and hopefully future customers.  I’m trying to differentiate myself along with the brand I represent!

Maybe it’s the season, but one of my favorite activities is sending out our Holiday cards.  Year round I still love (almost as much as the customer does receiving them) sending hand written notes.  It’s rare to receive something personal from a company just to say hello.  I continue to come across people that I may not remember sending a card or a few ticket vouchers, but they always remember me. Some return as customers, others refer their friends while some just Bari Dacknowledge a well done hello from their favorite team.  I’ve even been called out as the “White Sox Networking guy!” at the bar.   Either way when I call, they feel my purpose is not simply to “sell them” but to find out what I can do for them.  They know I’ll be there whether they buy what I have to offer or not, and as a serious fan they don’t wander too far off.

As the online world continues to grow, I’ve found ways to let my customers know they’re not just on my radar come payment time in the digital world.  The social media window of opportunity has come! Adding this new avenue in reaching out to customers or leads that way has gone a long way for me.  Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn it is more personal than an e-mail blast.  Even better, those pages provide great information that help build rapport and provide even more information about the person whom I’m trying to sell.  I myself have my Twitter and LinkedIn links in my company signature.  It excites me when I see a new Sox fan or customer following me because the window of opportunity just opened a little further.

The referral factor gets multiplied with the use of social media.  The more people who know where to find me and look for the answers to their White Sox related questions, the better.  Utilizing this area over the past year has allowed the quality and quantity of my leads to rise.

Finding the right mix is always crucial and depends on the customer, as they are each different and unique in their own way.   Seek to find ways that people will remember you and reach out to them with a few marketing touch points.

I’d love to hear any ideas others have or have used themselves!


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Image by Bari D

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