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Payroll to Results: Successful MLB Teams

Did you ever wonder which teams in Major League Baseball really get the most bang for their buck? Sure the Yankees won the last World Series last year but weren’t they supposed to win when they had the highest payroll in baseball? Each year the Pittsburgh Pirates have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball…

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Reach out in New and Creative Ways for Ticket Sales

I always take the opportunity to reach out to a customer and show off a brand I represent. I won’t lie, I had a college professor that pounded this into my head for a semester.  Working in ticket sales a few years later, I searched for ways to capitalize on this point. In today’s ticket…

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Interview with Terry Savarise- Senior Vice President of U.S. Cellular Field and The United Center in Chicago

Recently I was able to sit down with Terry Savarise, the Senior Vice-President of both U.S. Cellular Field and the United Center here in Chicago.  With a full slate of major league baseball, the United Center hosting over 220 events a year, and recently developing the Chicago White Sox & Los Angeles Dodgers new spring…

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A Perfect Day. (In Social Media)

The Chicago White Sox, a Digital Royalty client, practiced perfect social media agility on July 23rd as Mark Buehrle threw a Perfect Game. What were the measurable social media results? The White Sox experienced a 21% increase of their online ecosystem, Positive Sentiment grew 8 percentage points and words like “LOVE, BUEHRLE, PERFECT and OBAMA”…

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