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Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz – 12.2.14

The Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Online Marketing Coordinator – Steve Richards 

Sports Business

ACC Expansion Will Pay Off In New TV Deal

“ACC expansion will mean at least $1 million to $2 million a year in additional revenue for each of the conference’s existing schools, according to sources privy to discussions between the league and ESPN”

Linsanity Propels MSG Shares to Record High

“With the Knicks and Rangers on winning streaks and Linsanity spreading through the sports world, shares of The Madison Square Garden Co. reached an all-time high Monday.”

Sports Networking

Using Your Facebook Timeline As A Personal Branding Tool

“With the official roll out of Facebook’s timeline just around the corner I thought it would be a good time to give you some tips on how to use the new Facebook Timeline as a personal branding tool. This is a great new tool regardless if you are a freelancer, small business owner or a career individual the features now available can help your personal branding.”

7 Keys To Moving Your Brand

“Sustaining your brand is about what you do and how you are perceived while you are right here, right now and how that compounds over time! It is also the promise of how you want to be remembered long after you are gone. Here are 7 keys that have served me well in moving my business and personal brand in the direction I wanted it to go to build sustainability and legacy.”

Sports Marketing

ADvantage Eli; MVP’s Marketability Rises

“Now that Eli Manning has done what Super Bowl MVPs do — Disney World, Letterman, Canyon of Heroes, etc. — and the dust has begun to settle on his latest triumph, what’s next for the Giants quarterback? Ka-ching, right?”

NBC Is Looking For Big Payoff On Olympics

“Two years ago, the Winter Games in Vancouver were just beginning. When they ended, NBC Universal reported a loss of $223 million. Now, with the Summer Games in London five months away, NBC is hoping to avoid a big loss on its $1.18 billion rights fee, the most paid for the Olympics by a United States network.”

Sports Sponsorship

Who Foots The Bill In Global Sports Sponsorship? Take A Wild Guess

“An IFM review of new sponsorship deals in 2011 shows that soccer topped the list with $2.7 billion in new deals — more than double the $1.275 billion in new Olympics sponsorships and the $1.085 billion in new NFL deals.”

Drinks companies could be banned from sponsoring events

“The National Substance Misuse Strategy is expected to recommend the banning of alcohol sales at sporting events and concerts in the Republic of Ireland. The Strategy is expected to recommend banning all outdoor advertising of alcohol. They are also expected to push for minimum pricing in an effort to tackle underage and problem drinking.”

Sports Sales

Beer Sales Could Be Boon For Arizona’s Universities

“Imagine sitting at an Arizona or Arizona State football game and suddenly hearing the public-address announcer bark, “Last call!” Crazy? Maybe not. Several Arizona representatives have proposed a bill that would open the door to selling beer and wine to the general public at state university sporting events.”

Football The Only Sport Not To Sell Out At London 2012 Olympics

“Football is the only London 2012 event which has not sold out, with approximately 1.5m tickets still available, BBC Sport has learned. ”

Sports Social Media

2012 Sports Social Media Predictions

“There’s a famous idiom out there—”better late than never”—which is exactly how we feel about staring into the crystal ball for 2012. As much as we would have liked to share this ebook earlier with our readers and stakeholders, sometimes other priorities take precedence over thought leadership. While we could have literally written an entire novel on the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing, our team chose to narrow down a long list of predictions to 10 critical areas that we believe will directly impact sports marketers.”

Twitter Tougher To Resist Than Alcohol, Cigarettes

“Ever feel like you’re addicted to social media? Fighting the urge to tweet or check email may be more challenging than avoiding nicotine and booze, according to new research.”

Sports Media

Media PR Keeps Its Eye On The Ball

“With sports routinely outdrawing other genres on TV, those with shows or films to market are taking notice. And it doesn’t matter whether a production is sports-focused or simply a project that might appeal to fans; the feeling among film and television producers is that sports media can be an essential part of a publicity campaign.”

TV deals for Angels, Rangers open door for other teams

“The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox may still reside in Major League Baseball’s most exclusive revenue neighborhood, however a gaggle of newly-minted neighbors are poised at the security gates, ready to turn a privileged hamlet into a sprawling subdivision.”

Sports Technology

ESPN Falls To Third In Online Sports Site Rankings

“Yahoo Sports remained the most popular U.S. online sports site in January, but the most eye-catching news was falling to third place behind Yahoo Sports had nearly 55 million unique visitors last month, topping FoxSports with roughly 38.6 million and ESPN with 38.2. million, according to ComScore.”

Bluetooth Technology To Change How We Play Sports, Exercise And More

“The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) today announced the creation of the Sports and Fitness Working Group and is now accepting members. This group will work together to enhance interoperability between Bluetooth enabled sports and fitness sensor products and training computers (Bluetooth Smart devices) and hub devices such as smartphones, PCs, TVs (Bluetooth Smart Ready devices), gym equipment, watches and more to allow a new generation of functionality.”

Sports Jobs

Sports Business Degree Paying Off

“Matthew Wagner, a 2006 [Northern Kentucky University] graduate, is now the finance coordinator for the community fund of the Cincinnati Reds. He started at NKU in 2001 as a math and a science major but wanted to pursue a different path. According to Wagner, sports business adviser Tom Gamble mentored him when the program was in its infancy.”

Professionals Find Passion, Paychecks In Sports Industry

“…But today, more and more professionals get to check those scores without fear of consequences from human resources. These professionals have put their business, marketing and sales skills to good use in the multi-billion dollar sports industry.”

Sports Events

NCAA Takes a Crack At Slimmer, More Efficient Rulebook

“Bring back athlete-only dorms with unlimited food. Let coaches talk publicly about their recruits. Allow transfers in all sports to immediately play. Those are among the ideas being discussed as the NCAA tries to produce a slimmer and more efficient rulebook, according to documents obtained by The Birmingham News.”

Debating Which NBA Players Deserve Retired Jerseys

“I woke up last night in a cold sweat.  Shivering, I wrapped myself in my Snoopy blanket like a human enchilada and prayed that the news was just one of those fake stories you read in publications like the Enquirer or the one that often features pictures of animal/human hybrids and alcoholic babies with two heads.  I ran over to my laptop and read the news one more time:  Laker officials have confirmed that they are going to retire Shaquille O’ Neal’s jersey number sometime next season.  Here’s where I would normally make a joke about hoping the world ends in 2012.”

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