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Landing Your Dream Job in Sports Comes Down to the “Power of You!”

Dream Job in SportsWe talk about landing that Dream Job in Sports a lot don’t we?!

Here at SportsNetworker we are trying to help you land that dream job. After all, cashing in on a passion and being involved in an industry that you love will enable you to so much more excited about your career than just toiling away in an industry that you don’t really enjoy. We have a free E-Book you can download anytime as well right HERE!

But really when we get past everything landing your dream job in sports comes down to nobody BUT YOU!

How I Landed My Dream Job in Sports!

I sold 75,000 hot dogs to pay my way through college. I worked 40 hours a week for three years during the day while taking business and marketing classes at night full time each quarter.

While doing so I discovered how much I loved working at the hot dog stand and I would never work somewhere that I didn’t absolutely love. Hence my book on finding your hot dog stand, getting a job in the sports industry, etc.  You can check all of that stuff out anytime on my website below but you would be nuts to miss out on my Facebook page HERE and check out my 31 ways to eat a hot dog in 31 days!  It will make you laugh and maybe cry!

The bottom line though about the hot dogs… That’s MY STORY!  That’s what makes me tick each and every day. Why I continue to do what I do. I want to help make the world a better place in my own way each and every day. I want to do something I love and inspire others to do so.

Nobody ever told me to start my own company, write a book, or do these funny hot dog photos. I chose to do it and it comes down to the POWER OF ME!

Dream Job in SportsNow It’s Your Turn to Land Your Dream Job in Sports!

Enough about my story. What’s your story? What makes you different than everyone else out there? What is going to put you at the top of that list of candidates for that dream job in sports? THERE IS SOMETHING!

There is a story that makes you stand out. There is a passion for that dream job in sports that can get spilled out in an interview and make you the most valuable and most sought after candidate. The question is are you unleashing that?

Are you telling your story? Making the POWER OF YOU the most powerful weapon in your playbook is vital to both your personal and professional development as a human being.

It will make you go farther in life and get your passion kicked into high gear. But you must first channel your story, then put it to action, and never stop doing it. My company and my career is constantly evolving and it will never stop.

The same needs to be said of you.

At the end of the day…

We can provide all of you with expert articles, great free and paid products, webinars, Q&A’s, etc to help you land your dream job in sports. And they will give you the resources you need. But you can’t lead a fish to water! It’s your job to be wanting, craving, begging for this information.

If you aren’t putting your story into action and making yourself get noticed in a different way than the other millions of resumes that are sitting on someone’s laptop then you can’t point the finger anywhere but back at yourself.

It’s in your control. You have a great story to tell. The POWER OF YOU needs to be unleashed and that dream job is just at your fingertips! What are you waiting for?!?!  Let’s get it going today!  Cash in on the POWER OF YOU to make you land that dream job in sports.

Need some more help to find your story in the sports world, here’s a great start! If you get one of these and you let me know about this I’ll throw in two free Skype sessions for 45 minutes each to go over anything you want or I can pick a topic to help you get closer to that dream job in sports!

Thanks for reading always everybody!  We want to hear from you so comment below or hit us up on TWITTER.

As always this is the Hot Dog Extraordinaire signing off…Carpe Diem, all!

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