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Sports Business Dress Code: What to Wear to Work

“What the heck are you wearing!?”

Those are words that you hope to never hear from your boss. Though it might not be as strict as the NBA Dress Code after David Stern decided to enforce a dress code because guys like Allen Iverson were wearing white turtle necks with jerseys over them, your company will have a spoken or unspoken dress code.

Don’t get caught messing it up!

Easy Do’s and Don’ts to Keep You in the Clear:


It doesn’t matter if you are pitching to be the lowest level intern or the new president of the company. For your interview, dress tip top and sharp!

Be prepared to look the part of the job you eventually want to have within the company.

Suits with ties and jackets, clean shaven (unless you can totally rock the Brett Favre stubble) and combed hair unless specifically told otherwise over and over again leading up to the interview.


Depending on your department, once you get your sought-after job, it will likely determine your dress code.

  • If you are in production, on air, or IT…jeans/khakis/sandals/gym shoes/polos will fly.
  • If you are in sales, management, or working for a slick new sports agency or something like that…the same clothes you wore that first interview will probably be necessary once again!

You can’t decide what to wear?  Err on the side of caution and “dress to impress” at the beginning.  If someone tells you otherwise it is always better to dress down after you have been given permission than to dress up because somebody told you to stop being a slob.

What else to know?

I’m in sales and I get a lot of people who say to me that I shouldn’t have to wear a suit and tie simply because the people I sell to don’t have to at their jobs. But, I sort of disagree with that philosophy.

Look the part. If you are in sales or sponsorship you should look like you are a true professional.

Whatever the department or the area is, even if they don’t tell you, make sure you know the dress code before you walk in the door. Don’t be stuck looking like a schmuck because you didn’t buy a $20 tie before your first big day.

Good Luck!

As always if you want to talk more, ask questions, or inquire about having me in to your company as a keynote speaker for sales or marketing I’m available at  Carpe Diem!

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