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Social Media In Sports: Inside Look At The 2012 World Series (INFOGRAPHIC)

MLB-Social Media In SportsThe San Francisco Giants have ranked among Major League Baseball’s best in utilizing social media in sports to their advantage.

And with the 2012 World Series wrapping up just a few days ago, the Giants not only came out on top in the four-game sweep over the Detroit Tigers, but they also won the social media war as well.

Check out the infograpahic below created by outlining how the Giants soared past the Tigers on Twitter.

#WorldSeries: Fast Facts From The Social Media In Sports Battle

  • #Tigers was used in just over 196,000 tweets while #SFGiants represented about 350,000 tweets.
  • The Giants emphatically promoted the use of a variety of hashtags throughout the postseason, including #OrangeOctober, #Rally, and #WinToday.
  • The Giants matched President Barack Obama last week with a Klout score of 99.
  • Twitter users included #WorldSeries in roughly 154,000 tweets.

 #Giants Win Social Media In Sports War With #Tigers

World Series-Social Media In Sports

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