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Jobs In Sports Entertainment: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports


The sports and entertainment worlds are quickly converging into a well-popularized industry that has become one of the most sought after niches in sports. Underneath the glitz and glam of jobs in sports entertainment, though, there’s an underlying business world.

Whether you want to be the next Jerry Maguire, work in Event Production at the Rose Bowl, or assist in the marketing of athletes and entertainers at a large-scale firm, you’ll be immersed in the world of sports entertainment. Below, Sports Networker examines how to obtain those dream jobs in sports and more specifically, jobs that intersect with the entertainment industry as well.

Types Of Jobs In Sports Entertainment

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”0804759553″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”107″] Jobs in sports entertainment encompass a wide range of positions within the industry.

With college programs actually offering sports and entertainment undergraduate and graduate degrees, students can enter the workforce with a better understanding of how the industry works.

Below is a list of exciting career opportunities for students interested in jobs in sports entertainment:

  • Athletic director
  • Sports/entertainment agent
  • Athletics administrator
  • Athletic promotions specialist
  • College bowl chairperson
  • Entertainer’s representative
  • Entertainment administrator
  • Business manager
  • Sports/entertainment promotions specialist
  • Sports club manager
  • Sports information director
  • Program/talent director
  • Stadium/arena manager
  • Stadium/arena director of promotions
  • Sports/entertainment attorney
  • Sports/entertainment professor

How To Get Jobs In Sports Entertainment

MSG-Sports Entertainment

Jobs in sports entertainment clearly fall under the ‘sexy’ industry of sports in general. There’s no cookie-cutter method or path to working in sports entertainment.

With the end goal in mind, though, individuals can better navigate their way to a dream job in sports.

San Francisco 49ers Public Address Announcer and Sports Career Coach, Matt Crevin, has one piece of advice to obtaining the job of of your dreams: be authentic.

According to Mr. Crevin, “It means to go about your career search with passion, integrity and professionalism but first and foremost be yourself and let that be your guiding principle. Too many people try too hard to be someone they are not and get caught eventually. Why not show your true colors and be genuine right from the start.”

Darren Heitner, Esquire — The Sports And Entertainment Attorney

Darren Heitner

South Florida-based attorney, Darren Heitner, is one of the young up-and-coming minds in the sports and entertainment industry.

He focuses his practice on sports, entertainment, music, and intellectual property, among others.

Besides practicing law, Mr. Heitner is a weekly contributor for as well as a Professor of Sports Agency Management at Indiana University in Bloomington. He’s also the Founder of, a leading industry publication dealing with the sports agency business.

Below, Mr. Heitner offers his insight to those individuals aspiring to obtain jobs in sports entertainment.

Connect with him on Twitter as well as LinkedIn; you can find his website,, here.

1. What initially drove you to pursue a career in sports and entertainment?

“I have heard many professionals say that it is a mistake to pursue a career in sports and/or entertainment based on an interestand passion for watching and/or participating in same; however, I would be lying if I said that was not a chief reason for my drive to get involved in sports business. I decided to combine that passion with my desire to learn and practice law, and originally created a sports agency company from scratch. Eventually, I determined that sports agency did not satisfy me on an intellectual level (there were many other reasons why I decided to exit the industry at a young age). But I am still very active, if not more entrenched, in the business of sports via my legal practice, writing, teaching and various other pursuits.”

 2. What one piece of advice would you give people pursuing jobs in sports entertainment? 

“Ignore what other people tell you; chart your own path. I was blessed to have created Sports Agent Blog in 2005 and lead the Sports Law Society at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, which brought powerful sports business leaders to the university while I was a law student. Between the two ventures, I was able to introduce myself to and build strong relationships with key industry persons, which allowed me to gain the support that has allowed me to build my own brand over the years and provided a base of knowledge for me to tap into. Be bold. Do something that will change the industry for the better and establish your intellect to the relevant community.”

 3. What is one positive and one negative from working in the sports and entertainment industry?

“A negative is the unpredictable hours. If you want to work in sports, you need to learn to work on your clients’ time, which is whenever they are available and willing to communicate. A positive is the attention. If you file a trademark application for your next door neighbor, nobody is going to write or read about it. Enter into a trademark dispute for a high profile athlete and you will have the major media entities tracking your every step. Perhaps some people do not like that added publicity, though.”

College Programs That Can Help You Land Jobs In Sports Entertainment


Since college programs in sports entertainment aren’t as popular as, let’s say, sports marketing or sports management programs, they are obviously a little bit harder to research. Don’t worry, though. found two schools — South Carolina and South Florida — that offer programs specific to landing jobs in sports entertainment.

In addition, we added a few other Universities that present similar degrees for those interested in sports entertainment

South Carolina — Department Of Sport And Entertainment Management

University of South CarolinaThe University of South Carolina prepares undergraduate and graduate students for a variety of jobs in sports entertainment.

The University is one of the first major institutions to offer a separate department for the study of sports and entertainment. Both the faculty and staff help students enter the industry with superb knowledge, a strong alumni network, and the confidence to assume top-level jobs in sports entertainment.

Contact: Graduate Program – Apply hereUndergraduate Program – Apply here.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Highlights From USC’s Programs In Sports And Entertainment Management

South Florida — College Of Business

University of South Florida

The University of South Florida and the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning have partnered together to offer the MBA in Sports and Entertainment Management. The program emphasizes the business fundamentals of sports, including management, marketing, finance, economics, and accounting.

The newly-adopted program offers classes that are tailored toward the business of sports as well as an internship. This internship provides graduate students real-world opportunities to help them experience how those classroom principles play out in the industry.

Contact: MBA Program – Apply here.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

South Florida’s MBA Program In Sports And Entertainment Management

University Of Colorado (Denver)

Colorado UniversityThe sports industry is the sixth largest industry in the United States and the sports and entertainment industries are converging. To become a professional in these industries, you need special skills.

Through this specialization at Colorado University, you gain the tools to get ahead in both the sports management and entertainment management industries.

Classes in the MBA Program include finance in sports and entertainment industries along with sports and entertainment management and law and negotiation in sports and entertainment.

Contact: MBA Program – Apply here.

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn

Hofstra University – Sports And Entertainment MBA

Hofstra UniversityThe MBA Program was recently revised to better reflect the actual environment in which contemporary managers must make decisions, often under conditions of uncertainty. Courses in the Hofstra M.B.A. Program expose students to innovative strategies, group interaction, and simulated business situations.

The curriculum emphasizes a cross-functional approach to teaching. It also provides an experiential learning component within which students engage in business consulting and corporate internships as a means of refining their managerial skills. Students gain hands-on experience with technology, acquire a perspective on modern and international business practices.

Classes within the Sports and Entertainment MBA include sports and entertainment marketing, media in sports and entertainment industries, and sports and entertainment management.

Contact: MBA Program – Apply here.

How To Find Jobs In Sports Entertainment

Are you ready to find and land your dream job in sports entertainment? Check out the job postings on Work in Sports for a detailed breakdown of jobs based on type and region.


Did you know that there were so many types of jobs in sports entertainment to choose from? Let us know what your dream job in sports would be. Leave a comment for us below or tweet us your thoughts at @sportsnetworker.

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