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Social Media In Sports: NFL Head Coaches To Follow On Twitter

Social Media in SportsTwo weeks ago, Sports Networker highlighted a handful of Division-I college football head coaches who are utilizing social media in sports to their advantage, specifically twitter.

According to a recent survey, roughly half of the 120-plus coaches are on the social media platform.

However, the same cannot be said for the 32 head coaches in the NFL; there are just three partaking in social media in sports. Two of the three — Pete Carroll (Seattle) and Jim Schwartz (Detroit) — are fairly active while Jeff Fisher (St. Louis) is rather new to the twittersphere.

3 NFL Head Coaches Leveraging Social Media In Sports

Pete Carroll — Seattle Seahawks — 646,140 Followers 

Pete CarrollThe former University of Southern California headman takes the top nod in Sports Networker’s list of NFL head coaches on twitter. Granted, the list is pretty abbreviated considering the lack of participation, but Carroll is still well-versed in social media.

The 61-year-old tweets very consistently, mixing it up with pictures and videos along with motivational words for his team. He also does a nice job of interacting with fans as he thanks the ’12th man’ following home games at CenturyLink Field.

Jim Schwartz — Detroit Lions — 81,064 Followers

Jim SchwartzThe very animated Detroit Lions head coach doesn’t tweet as regularly as Pete Carroll. But, he still offers some insight into the Lions organization and also engages with the fanbase.

One particularly interesting tidbit regarding Schwartz’s twitter usage is that he tweets out song albums and titles that he listens to on Game Day. Check out his account to see if the Halethorpe, Md. native’s taste for music lines up with your own. The jury is still out, though, on why exactly Schwartz only follows one other twitter account (it’s the Lions twitter page).


Jeff Fisher — St. Louis Rams — 6,838 Followers

Jeff FisherJeff Fisher has had a twitter since mid-2011, but the account has lacked consistent tweets ever since. Ironically, the organization’s very own twitter and facebook accounts gained a substantial number of followers over the summer.

While Fisher is off to a decent start, perhaps the social media and marketing team in St. Louis can also improve the head coach’s account during the 2012-13 season.


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