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How to Get More Callbacks from Prospects

Johan KoolwaaijWhen someone has decided to call us back before making a buying decision, there’s a good chance (despite all their good intentions) they won’t follow through.  It doesn’t make them liars or bad people.  It’s just the law of averages.  We know people get busy and have other priorities come up in their lives.

Are you kidding?  Something else is more important than getting back to you about their awesome seats?  C’mon!  You don’t have to take that crap! Push the odds in your favor!

The next time someone tells you, “I’ll have to call you back,” try one of these responses:

“Sure, we can do that.  Do you have your BlackBerry with you?  Let’s go ahead and both put a callback day and time into our calendars, so we’ll have a time frame to work with.  We don’t want to let it go for too long!”


–  “Great! Should I work with your assistant to set up a day and time, or do you keep your own calendar?”


–   “OK.  Let’s pick a day and time, and I’ll send you an E-mail reminder, just to keep us both on track. What E-mail should I use?”

Another option is to attempt to sew up the deal right then and there, eliminating the need for a callback at all:

“If you need to run this past someone, I don’t have a problem getting someone else on a three-way call.  Do you happen to know where they are right now?”


–   “Here’s the thing.  The problem is I can’t guarantee that these seats we’re looking at right now will be available once I let them go.  Is there any way we could put a small deposit on them?  If for some reason these seats aren’t what you’re looking for, we can just transfer your deposit to another location.  Does that work for you?”


–  Does your partner usually trust your judgment?  OK… then why don’t we just lock in these seats right now while we can, and I’ll be glad to help you go over the details with your partner later?”

ohadWant more suggestions on how to generate a higher percentage of callbacks? Just e-mail me with the subject word CALLBACKS, and I’ll send you another hot idea on how to help move your phone number straight to the top of your prospects’ “To Do” list.

We have enough to do and can’t worry about people getting back to us.  Take control, people!  Help make it easy for others respond to you, and you’ll be taking callbacks left and right… and cashing a few more checks in the process.


Image by Johan Koolwaaij

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