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#ClicheWednesday: Reaching New Goals

clichewedIt may sound cliché, but I think everyone in the New Year should set out to try a few new things.  Hopefully people haven’t already derailed their 2010 plans! One of my former colleagues sent me a tweet last week wanting to promote #ClicheWednesday on twitter that day.  It was random, but knowing his use of social media in his job, it was new to me and I thought, hey good for Brian (@GrouponBrianSA).

New Year resolutions are about as common as New Year ’s Day hangovers and football.  However, the essence of the motive is a great idea.  Typically it is the execution and follow through that turns these resolutions into clichés.

In preparing for a future in sports business I read a good deal of Jon Spoelstra works.  If you aren’t familiar, I definitely recommend “Ice to Eskimos and Marketing Outrageously(forward by @mcuban).

ice to the eskimosAfter the 2008 Baseball season I was checking up on Jon’s happenings and came across another book of his.  At the time, our department was re-structuring and I was moving into a new role as New Business Development Executive. I found the book to set a good theme.  It was titled “Success Is Just One Wish Away : Make One Wish and Your Life Suddenly Changes. but Make Sure It’s the Right One”.

Spoelstra helps set a plan of action to accomplishing your goals.  He draws the focus to the short term in a way that makes achievement increasingly possible.  Recently on a call with Bill Guertin, the @800poundgorilla, he shared some great advice that paralleled Jon’s plan of action.   Bill told me that “whatever you do each and every day (good or bad) will lead you to the path you are on…”

In 2010 don’t have your goals or resolutions become a cliché.  Make a plan of execution, and do the little things each and every day needed to reach your objectives.  I still have my three goals I jotted down in the fall of 2008.  Those goals have now become daily or weekly habits in my routine.  As you move thorough 2010, find ways to improve your skill sets, daily activities and seek out success.  You’ll find if you work hard, the tasks you need to accomplish your goals will blend into your natural routine.  Once this happens, add new short term goals and you will find like Jon says, your Success can be just one wish away.

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