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Around the Clock Sports Media Coverage for Women

sports mediaFemales are rarely seen in televised sports competitions. The exceptions being the Olympic Games and a few once-a-year major championships in the LPGA or WTA.

It is next to impossible to find a female event in other big name sports such as lacrosse, softball, basketball or others and this is a shame.

Although some female athletes such as Mia Hamm, Ronda Roussey and the Williams sisters have made it into the spotlight, it is rare that a woman gets the necessary coverage needed to shoot to stardom.

Because sports media rarely celebrate female athletes, they become disadvantaged when it comes to the benefits from participation in sports.

Things are about to change for female athletes and the exposure they will receive.

A new network JanetTV has launched becoming the first sports channel dedicated to featuring 24-hour coverage of female athletes and their sports, which will range from action sports like surfing, snowboarding, and motocross to many other mainstream sports.

The channel launched on April 1 and will open up a brand new kind of sports media to the world.

A recent press release from JanetTV stated the following:

  • The channel features sporting events, original shows, articles, movies, scores and news—including an extensive curation effort—to deliver the most robust female sports content experience.
  • Janet TV is an online channel/web destination that is available to viewers nationwide via computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles and connected TVs at

Darryl Mobley, CEO of Janet TV, got the inspiration to develop the channel while watching one of his daughters and her friends play high school basketball.

“I was sitting in the stands and I started thinking about how hard these girls worked at developing their skills for their sports. I reflected on how female athletes and their sports mostly get ignored by the major sports media,” said Mobley.

“I told another parent sitting next to me that it would be great if these athletes had their own channel where they could get the information, and see the role models, they needed in order to get better.”

Janet TV’s line-up of original shows is slated to begin in May and will include original series featuring athletes, social media driven shows with viewer-generated content and shows featuring sports bloggers going head-to-head on hot topics of the day.

For more information about the network you can visit

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