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Ravens’ RB Ray Rice Invests For The Future With Sports Business Decision

Ray RiceRay Rice knows he won’t be receiving a paycheck for playing in the NFL for forever.

And he sure doesn’t want to ever go broke.

So, what has the current Baltimore Ravens running back done to put himself in the best position possible financially once his playing days are over?

The two-time Pro Bowler recently made a shrewd sports business decision to invest in VertiMax, a designer, manufacturer, and seller of training systems which increate athletic performance.

About 50% of NFLers use VertiMax systems to maximize their speed, make quicker cuts on the field, and improve their overall performance.

Rice Comments On Sports Business Initiative

“I’m excited to be a part-owner of a company that is going to change everything and make a real difference providing athletes new ways to develop their abilities, and at the same time open up opportunities for athletes of all ages everywhere,” said Rice to’s Darren Heitner. ”But VertiMax is not only for athletes. It will allow any person to become more explosive, faster and jump higher.”

“I know I’m not going to play football forever, so getting involved long term with this company that’s creating things I know athletes are going to want and need made more sense than just endorsing one great product,” Rice said.


Now Involved In Sports Business, Rice Promotes VertiMax

Photo Credit: Gail Burton/AP

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  1. Cortland September 8, 2014 at 9:16 pm #

    What a blow , she was knocked for almost the whole time. Disgusted by act.

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