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NFL Adopts X2IMPACT’s Concussion Management Sports Technology

X2IMPACT-Sports TechnologyA Seattle-based company, X2IMPACT, is on the cutting edge of sports technology that is revolutionizing the NFL’s assessment of possible concussions.

The two parties entered into an agreement earlier this week for X2IMPACT to supply the league its Concussion Management System software for use this season; currently, 16 NFL teams utilize the software.

X2IMPACT allows teams to assess players’ condition on the sidelines, with data on body stability, short and long-term memory, motor skills, balance, and other relevant medical information.

The data assists team personnel in determining whether or not a player is capable of returning to the field following a big hit.

X2IMPACT-Sports TechnologyX2IMPACT also manufactures mouthpieces that can record impact felt inside the head and relay data to teams’ sidelines; however, this particular agreement only involves the CMS software.

Check out the X2’s full press release here from earlier this week.

Comments Regarding Implementation Of New Sports Technology

“Working with the NFL allowed us to create an application specifically tailored to the League’s needs,” said Rich Able, Co-Founder of X2IMPACT, in a press release.“The resulting app embodies the NFL’s specific medical protocols and is scalable to conform to the League’s data standards now and in the future.”

“Adopting cutting edge technology to maximize the level of concussion care we provide for our players is a decision whose time has come,” said Dr. Daniel Garza, medical director for the San Francisco 49ers. 

Sports Technology Revolutionizing Concussion Assessment

Photo Credit: 1) & 2) — X2IMPACT

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