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20 Must Follow Sports Twitter Accounts At Super Bowl 46

Sports TwitterLast week Mashable put up their list of who you need to follow on Twitter during the Super Bowl. That list is very well done and is more than worth a read. It was so good, in fact, it gave us the idea to create our own list of must follow Sports Twitter accounts with a Sports Networker twist.

From Sportsbiz to inside information to pure entertainment, this list of Twitter account is sure to make you the social media czar of your Super Bowl party and ensure you don’t miss a minute of the behind-the-scenes action at Super Bowl 46!

So without further ado, here is Sports Networker’s 20 (Plus 1) must follow Sports Twitter accounts at Super Bowl 46:

Sports Twitter Media (Traditional)

Darren Rovell – @darrenrovell

Sports Twitter

Sports Networker can think of no better person to follow on Twitter leading up to the Super Bowl. The Sportsbiz master is sure to bring constant information on the business of Super Bowl 46

Chris Mortensen – @mortreport

While Mashable mentioned Adam Schefter, the yin to his yang is Chris Mortensen. Much like Schefter, as soon as important information breaks Mort is certain to tweet it out. He also co-hosts NFL 32, which is having its own Super Bowl week.

Rich Eisen – @richeisen

As the lead man for the NFL Network, Eisen will no doubt be anchoring the coverage for the network in Indianapolis. He also interacts with his followers well and always finds a way to get a good laugh out of them.

Michael Strahan – @michaelstrahan

The NFL record holder for sacks in a season knows a little bit about beating the Pats in a Super Bowl. He’s also a Fox analyst so he’ll be in Indy to get some inside access.

SuperBowl XLVI on NBC – @SNFonNBC

Super Bowl 46 will be covered on game night by Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and Andrea Kremer, making this Twitter handle a must for in-game and sideline updates.

Sports Twitter Media (Bloggers)

The Giants Gab – @GiantsGab 

This “definitive New York Giants blog” is a go-to source for everyday reading about Big Blue. They do their research and crank out solid content consistently.

Foxboro Blog – @FoxboroBlog

This is one of the best, most passionate Patriots blogs out there. Foxboro Blog writes at least once a day about their team and brings a wide range of topics to go along with good football knowledge.

Twitter Athletes (In The Game)

Victor Cruz – @TeamVic

Victor Cruz has taken the NFL by storm this season and, as a result, is the most followed Giants player on Twitter. He also tweets interactively and often.







Steve Weatherford – @Weatherford5

I realize I’m taking a risk telling people to follow a punter. But remember this is the punter who wears his wedding ring during an NFC Championsip-winning field goal and celebrates incredibly over-zealously after that field goal goes through. He’s just as entertaining on Twitter.








Rob Gronkowski – @RobGronkowski

The only man – and I do mean man – who was harder to contain in the secondary this year than Cruz was the Gronk, who broke the single season record for receiving touchdowns in 2011-12. He’s funny, interactive and downright entertaining on Twitter.

Brandon Spikes – @bspikes55

Great player sure, but if this guy wasn’t getting paid to play in the NFL he could be a professional tweeter. An example? His go-to hashtag is #Powwwwwww. Funny, but it just makes his “words of wisdom” seem a little less powwwerful.

Twitter Athletes (Not In The Game)

Damien Woody – @damienwoody

Much like Strahan, Woody is an ex-member of one of the teams. He won 2 Lombardi Trophies with the Patriots and is a good source about what Super Bowl week is like. He’s also very good about answering fan questions via Twitter.

Chad Ochocinco – @ochocinco

I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t Chad Ochocino/Johnson/Mr. H.O.F. 20Never be filed under “athlete in the game”? Technically yes, for all intensive purposes no. Ochocino will likely be inactive Sunday but he will still be in Indy experiencing media week and he is sure to send out some entertaining tweets to go along with it.

Twitter Sports PR

Pat Hanlon – @giantspathanlon

Luckily for Twitter fans the Giants PR man is one of the best at actual PR. Hanlon thrives on Twitter and is a great follow for what the team is doing, most of the time accompanied by a photo.








Twitter Coaches

Bill Belichick – @BillBelichick12

While Belichick doesn’t officially run his own Twitter account (what else would you expect), this handle does feature the coach’s quotes, insights and in-game commentary.

#Social46 Accounts

As with all major events around the world, if you want to stay up to date on trends, you follow the universal hashtag.  In this case, the “unofficial” hashtag for Super Bowl 46 – #social46 – will no doubt be trending over the days leading up to the big game on Sunday. Here are a few of the people you should consider following to get a another perspective:

Bill Yanney – @indybill23

Do It Indy – @DoItIndy

Andy Houston –@hust0058

Stephanie Daily – @seppichdaily

Tom Spalding – @SpaldoBusiness

BONUS: Twitter Sports Sponsorship

Sports Networker – @SportsNetworker

Our very own Holly Koski (@TheSportsinista to follow her personally), is at Super Bowl 46 working with the NFL Experience! She will be looking at Super Bowl sponsors from the inside, tweeting out all the information, pictures and videos you can handle. 






Are there any other sports Twitter follows that you think should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments! Please feel free to share this list on Facebook and Twitter!

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