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The BCS Bust Bowl – Northern Illinois Will Play in 2013 Orange Bowl

Wha—-Boom! Did you hear that? That was just the sound of the Northern Illinois Huskies crashing the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with their improbable selection into the Orange Bowl. Who saw this coming? There was a buzz around the Kent State vs. Northern Illinois game last weekend and the probability for the winner to work…

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Goal Setting to Get a Sports Job

Listen here Sonny Boy!  Set goals to achieve your dreams! How many times have we heard Uncle Bob tell us that when we were growing up as kids?  Great advice, generally though Uncle Bob did not also provide the actionable path to how to set those goals and what those goals needed to be in…

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Groupon Becomes Official Deal Site of Major League Baseball

Groupon and Major League Baseball have come to terms to make the online coupon distributor the league’s official deal site. Groupon used the 2012 season to test the market, using promotions throughout the year. The multi-year deal will extend through the 2014 season and could potentially include all 30 MLB teams. Under the agreement, Groupon…

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Why Facebook Sponsored Posts Will Change the Way Your Favorite Sports Team Interacts Online

There are few companies who have done a better job than Lululemon using social media to grow its brand. More impressive is that they’ve done so in a field (apparel) where its competitors spend hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire market share. Lululemon’s advertising is minimal, relying on word of mouth and consumer interaction…

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How to Put Together a Sports Resume

With the advent of social media, niche professional associations, training programs and reality television, there have never been more ways to land a job. However, no matter how many Twitter followers you have, or how high your Klout score, the old-fashioned resume is still the most important tool for any job seeker. A well-crafted resume will…

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The #SportsBiz Toolkit – 5 Must-Haves

I’ve had many different experiences working in the sports industry, whether it be as (1) a baseball agent, (2) an event coordinator, or (3) a writer for, and I’ve realized that there are certain “must-haves” for any sports business professional. You need to be prepared for the #SportsBiz in what to carry with you….

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5 Great Sports Documentaries

Documentaries and sports fans just go together so nicely. This list could easily span pages and pages, but in order to save you time and my fingers from falling off, I’ll focus on some of the great ones. Some of these you may recognize, others may be a complete mystery. These ones will be good…

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Sports Employment: Being The Friendly Grim Reaper

Have you ever considered what it would be like to tell a professional football player that he was losing his job?  Well, I just happen to know the answer, so pad up, sit down, and buckle in! The Employment Process All industries and companies have employees, and as a result, each entity must deal with…

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Find Your Greatness

On a beautiful, sunny November afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, the St. Francis DeSales girls’ soccer team stormed the field at Crew Stadium as the final second elapsed in the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division II state championship game. Admist screams, cheers and a few moist eyes, the players ran onto the soccer pitch to…

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3 Ways Volunteering Can Help Launch Your Sports Career

Sports employers regard volunteering as a viable way to gain sports industry experience. So if you don’t have any experience, by all means, volunteer! It’s by far the quickest and easiest way to gain sports business experience. Volunteering shows proof that you’re a go-getter and that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to launch your…

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ESPN 30 for 30: Sports is Only the Beginning

They are back and better than ever! When ESPN first launched its highly acclaimed 30 for 30 Series I knew little of what to expect.  Other than the fact that I thought I would enjoy it.  Bill Simmons was behind it and I had been a huge fan of his columns, podcasts, and his book  for some…

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4 Highly Talked About NBA Teams on Facebook

Whether you like it or not, social media is one of the most accurate ways to gauge what people are interested in. It doesn’t mean people always post the most accurate opinions, but at least you can see what they’re interested in. This is even more true when it comes to sports. Just hop on Facebook…

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