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The BCS Bust Bowl – Northern Illinois Will Play in 2013 Orange Bowl

Wha—-Boom! Did you hear that? That was just the sound of the Northern Illinois Huskies crashing the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with their improbable selection into the Orange Bowl. Who saw this coming? There was a buzz around the Kent State vs. Northern Illinois game last weekend and the probability for the winner to work themselves into the BCS equation.

Well slam, bam, thank you ‘mam. It has officially been announced and the BCS now has become a complete mockery before moving to a 4 team playoff system in two seasons – hopefully 8 or 16 in the near future. The Huskies of NIU will face a Florida State Seminoles squad that finished as ACC champions in this marque bowl game.

The match-up is far from sexy and it borderlines on the absurd. The question is whether this game will end up as an improbably competitive contest or if the Huskies will be simply over-matched by the talent and athletes of the powerhouse that is FSU. Will it be reminiscent of the Boise State vs. Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl or could it turn into another Georgia vs. Hawaii Sugar Bowl blow out city?

Northern Illinois Reacting to Orange Bowl Bid

My bet is towards a blow out but I am certainly hoping for something much more competitive. It’s always great to see David take down Goliath and this is another great opportunity for it to happen. The storyline should focus on Huskies’ star quarterback Jordan Lynch who gets to face an elite defense in Florida State and see if he can put pressure on them with his elusive running and decisive passing skills.

If this game gets ugly early this certainly poses another black-eye for the BCS and it’s selection committee, rankings and overall validity. The selection process promises to improve with a leveling of the playing field as proposals to expand the playoffs from 4 to 8 and 16 teams are put forth. The good in all of this is the notoriety that Northern Illinois University receives from this and the revenue that Mid-American Conference (MAC) receives from the bowl bid. The opportunity for the improbable and the miracle exists in every game. I just don’t expect it to happen in this game. No thank you BCS.

Kirk Herbstreit Rips Northern Illinois

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