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Tim Tebow’s Last Stand

Word spread like wildfire this past Monday that the New England Patriots were signing Tim Tebow. But why did the sudden interest? And why did the Patriots wait so long? Let me clarify the ACTUAL thinking and reasoning behind this signing! No Revelation Tim Tebow has already had 2 stops in the NFL with the…

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Geno Smith’s Guide on How NOT To Go Pro

Every April the NFL welcomes a new crop of rookies into the professional ranks via the NFL Draft. Teams map out their Draft plans, after accumulating every possible piece of data available on these prospects. They debate the value of each player, scrutinizing every little detail. Teams know they MUST select the right players, because…

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2013 NFL Draft Madness & Analysis

Excitement. Anticipation. Mystery. Anxiety. No, I’m not describing the latest action movie, I’m talking about the NFL Draft! And this does not just apply to fans; there is also some intense emotion inside of every one of the 32 team Draft rooms. I have seen a complete range of emotions expressed as I worked in…

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Females Leading the Front Office? It Is TIME!

Over 350 colleges across the United States offer an accredited sports management program, and you had best believe that a significant portion of those students are female. These young women are just as committed to sports administration as their male counterparts, and they are just as qualified for careers in sports. There are many areas…

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Quarterback Dominoes 2013 – Part II

Quarterback changes happen in the NFL every off-season, but how have teams gone about making a switch? After describing what makes a great quarterback last week, let’s connect the dots on changes made this off-season. Why was a change made and what ripple effect did it have? (Notice the number of trades due to the…

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Quarterback Dominoes 2013 – Part I

So what makes a great NFL quarterback? Is it arm strength or accuracy? What about the ability to read and diagnose defenses? Is it having awareness or pocket presence? Is it being multidimensional as a threat to run or pass? What about years of experience, injury history, or composure? Is the most important element the…

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Urlacher Dared the Bears

Like so many other aging veteran athletes, Urlacher perceived his value to be much higher than it realistically was. He had grown accustomed to being paid as one of the highest paid players at his position with the security of multi-year contracts.

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Nascar Rivalry = Benefit or Loss?

This past Sunday we received another reminder of the potential for excitement in Nascar racing. Occasionally drivers let their emotions get in the way of their best judgment, and the results are typically anything but ideal for those involved. But for the rest of us, this banging on the track and the squabbles off the…

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NFL Free Agency Answers

The opening bell has rung, and free agency has once again started off with a bang! Some teams have been highly active, while others have yet to make any noteworthy actions. Many transactions have taken place since free agency started on Tuesday, and with those moves many questions have been generated. Let me answer a…

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The Quiet Truth About NFL Free Agency

On March 12 the NFL will open the stage to its version of some high stakes bidding wars. The new 2013 League Year begins on March 12, and it marks the first day teams are free to begin signing free agents from other teams. Teams, players, agents, fans, and the media look forward to this…

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The Actions of February Roster Trimming

Qualified personnel within each NFL team’s Front Office thoroughly evaluate the entire player roster at the conclusion of each season. And while every team has moves it wants to make to better the team for the subsequent season, only a limited number of options exist prior to the start of the new League Year on…

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The Logic of February Roster Trimming

After the conclusion of the Super Bowl every year, team executives immediately put into place their plans to reach the pinnacle in the next season. Similarly, fans get excited for the opportunity for their team to start anew. The roster is adjusted and tweaked continually through numerous player management methods. This process begins in February and…

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