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4 Highly Talked About NBA Teams on Facebook

Whether you like it or not, social media is one of the most accurate ways to gauge what people are interested in. It doesn’t mean people always post the most accurate opinions, but at least you can see what they’re interested in. This is even more true when it comes to sports. Just hop on Facebook during a game. Whatever local team is playing tends to dominate the conversation with people you’re connected with. It’s usually a lot more entertaining when that team’s getting worked, but it works either way.

With the NBA season kicking off, it’s no surprise to see what teams tend to be the biggest topics around social media. With Facebook having the ability to check how many times a subject was talked about, it makes it pretty easy to see what NBA teams move the meter.

NBA Teams on Facebook

Los Angeles Lakers

14 million likes

294,870 talking about this

No Surprise the Lakers top this list. Especially after adding Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, the Lakers always find themselves in the news.

Miami Heat

6.8 Million likes

177,657 talking about this

Defending champs next up on the list. These numbers don’t necessarily say whether people are saying good or bad things about the team. So we can only imagine the Heat haters playing a big part in these numbers as well. But when you win, you also get a lot of fans on board.

Brooklyn Nets


72, 459 talking about this

Change your name, uniform, re-sign your star point guard, oh, and have Jay-Z be a part owner, and you’ll find yourself all over Facebook too. Nets making a complete change from irrelevant to playoff hopeful bringing back Deron Williams and adding Joe Johnson. Of course Jay-Z giving free concerts at their state-of-the-art arena helps get some pub too.

New York Knicks

2.9 Million likes

71, 132 talking about this.

Way more likes than the Nets, but the Knicks new New York neighbor got themselves on people’s mind a little bit more than the Knicks recently. Knicks have already had their “on the way back” phase. This year either brings conversation of a championship, or maybe a blown up roster.


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