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Rookie of the Year Would Boost Russell Wilson’s Marketability

“With the 75th pick in the 2012 NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks have selected Russell Wilson, quarterback from Wisconsin.” That was the sound from New York City musical hall during last season’s NFL draft as the Seattle Seahawks took Russell Wilson with the 12th pick in the third round. For a team in Seattle that…

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Tim Tebow: A Sponsorship Monster

Tebow a Monster? The Tim Tebow chronicles are about to take center stage as the NFL season begins its final descent towards crowing a champion for the current season. And Tim Tebow will be anywhere but on an NFL football field when that final battle takes place. Once again, Tebow must audition for a job…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part IV

In the week leading up to the NFL Draft, teams really start to get a good feel for which players will be available in the first round around the position of their pick. Before trade talks commence indicating interest in trading positions in the Draft to acquire the player(s) most coveted, teams first try to…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part III

After analyzing and scouting all college football players through the college football season, bowl games and all-star games, teams turn to the NFL Combine to begin to finalize the information gathering process. Part I and Part II of this series detail this process, but I want to emphasize the importance of the aspect of the…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part II

The Rest of the Team There is much more occurring behind the scenes at NFL team’s headquarters to prepare for the NFL Draft, beyond just the work of the College Scouting department (as outlined in Part I). A team’s General Manager and Player Personnel executives have integral involvement as well. They will often travel to…

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Top Sports Agents in the NFL

The top sports agents in every major American sports league dominate the market. The top sports agents land nearly all the clients with their huge firms. Here is a look at some of the sports agents dominating the NFL market. If you want to be  sports agent, you’ll need to know their names. Who are…

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Drafting for Dummies – Part I

Making an Event The NFL Draft has become quite the spectacle. Now a three night primetime television event, millions of NFL fans tune in to watch as their favorite NFL teams infuse their rosters with new young talent. These selections are followed by instant analysis and judgment, and this is not simply the jeers or…

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Emotion in Sports: Brady Quinn Goes Deep

An Unfortunate Event Two Sundays ago the Kansas City Chiefs organization was dealt a very unexpected and tragic blow. My prayers go out to everyone hurt as a result of the events involving Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. I do not know how any organization or business could adequately prepare for such a situation.  More importantly,…

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The Babin Breakdown

Why would a team release a veteran starting player?  Why would a team release a Pro Bowl caliber veteran starting player?  And why release him with the season already three-fourths of the way completed?  There is a method to the madness in Philadelphia, and I am here to enlighten you on the reasons behind releasing Jason…

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Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews Sparks Online Debate: ‘Who’s got the best defense in NFL?’

Green Packers Pro Bowl linebacker and league superstar Clay Matthews has teamed with Gillette for a series of videos that asks who is the best looking linebacker in the league. The “Clay vs Clay Debate” video, seen below, is meant to spark the debate amongst the online football community. Fans can take the debate over to…

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Sports Job Interview with Howard Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles GM

In the latest edition of my interview series, I was incredibly lucky to have been able to interview Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Before becoming the youngest GM in the National Football League, Howie earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, followed by earning his law degree at Fordham Law….

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The Social Development of Athletes – Part II

Last Friday I left you considering the cause and effect of the sports industry on professional football players.  I showed in Part I how athletes are developed, and I detailed some of the common career events in professional football.  Lets dig a little deeper now and explore the  football player we see off the field….

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