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Tim Tebow: A Sponsorship Monster

Tebow a Monster?

The Tim Tebow chronicles are about to take center stage as the NFL season begins its final descent towards crowing a champion for the current season. And Tim Tebow will be anywhere but on an NFL football field when that final battle takes place. Once again, Tebow must audition for a job and once again we find our dubious hero faced with the task of singing for his NFL supper. Perhaps the folks at any one of the hundred job hunting sites should enlist Tebow as the poster boy for their product because let’s face it, his skill set is unique, his resume is impressive, yet spotty as of late, and his long term perspective might be a little less than exceptional.

Much like your prototypical job hunter in the real world, Tebow faces an uphill battle. When Peyton Manning found himself out of work, potential employers fell all over themselves to enlist his services and pay him top dollar to join their organization. Safe to say Tebow, like virtually all of the job hunters out there won’t garner the same interest. But this is not to say that he does not have his niche. That is not to say the he is completely unemployable. Sure he may have to settle for less than being given the keys to the kingdom but what job hunter in today’s market gets to write their own ticket? He may have to settle for the perverbial “foot in the door” with an organization that wants him in order to reward that organization for taking a chance on someone that might be a bit left of center when it comes to potential employees.

If a web head head hunter can sell Tebow to an NFL team, they can sell an over qualififed father of 3 to a sales force that is currently unaware of how much that mature job seeker can add to thier bottom line. This is the time of unconventionality in the job seeking market and the smart play is to lean less on past practices and perhaps follow ones nose. The amount of talent that is currently jobless is perhaps at an all time high including Tim Tebow. But given an opportunity to contribute, both Tebow and a displaced cost accountant with 13 years experience are out there and available for a song. Employers just need to see past the resume and understand the person makes the difference and not the paper that sits before them.

Web employment agencies would do well by employing Tebow as the ultimate slogan for hiring practices in the work place. No NFL team is going to hand the reins over to Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback but there is no question that the man can be leaned on to produce in any one of serval ways. And no employer is going to pay a out of work bank branch manager they type of money he was making right before the other shoe fell but that person has a track record of production that can be translated into business success.

Tim Tebow is by all accounts a great guy. He is by all accounts a model employee and an awesome individual to have as a part of an organization. And the only thing more talked about the his strengths are is bouts with unemployment. In today’s society there are scores of great people of out that are finding it equally as difficult to find work even though they have an equally impressive resume in their own field of work. It is Tim Tebow to the rescue to make every employer rethink their hiring practices and consider looking past the paper and getting to know the individual.

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