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Should Major League Baseball Players Get Paid This Much Money?

In 2010 the average salary in Major League Baseball surpassed $3 million for the first time. The 912 players in the big leagues before rosters expanded in September of 2010 averaged $3,014,572. The average rose 0.6 percent from the previous year’s $2,996,106, the smallest increase since a 2.5 percent drop in 2004. The union’s Opening Day average…

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Will Clayton Kershaw be the First $200 Million Pitcher?

In March, Justin Verlander signed a five-year, $140 million dollar extension. Add the two years, $40 million he had remaining under contract he signed in 2009 and he is the highest paid pitcher in baseball history. Verlander, however, is not the only pitcher to recently sign a large, long-term contract. Below is a list of…

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Major League Baseball Finds a Home on YouTube

Baseball highlights have been a rarity on YouTube for years. But that all is likely to change with the MLB officially joining with a new channel, uploading HD content frequently. The channel already has 24,000+ subscribers and is seeing rapid growth as the season progresses. MLB has uploaded highlights from every game of the 2013 season as well as…

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The MLB Fan Cave

A social media junkie’s dream, and a job every baseball fan wishes they had! In its third season of existence, the MLB Fan Cave has taken MLB’s social media presence to a whole other level. Over 25,000 baseball fans applied this year to become a Fan Cave Dweller and live for a season in the…

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Konami Brings Baseball Cards to Web

Collecting baseball cards is a favorite pastime as American as apple pie and the sport itself. Now, in the 21st century, baseball cards are coming to the web. Dream Nine, a virtual card collecting game, Players compete against each other on the social media site, collecting cards trying to build the best team possible. You…

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MLB Twitter Handles and Follower Counts

If the World Series were won by Twitter followers, the New York Yankees would hold all the titles. Since Twitter’s launch in 2006, the Yankees have always held the top spot. The Phillies are starting to catch up, but they’re still a good 90,000 follows away from surpassing the leader. Philadelphia does, however, have almost…

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Sports Job Interview with Terry Reynolds, Senior Director of Pro & Global Scouting – Cincinnati Reds

For my first interview of 2013, I was lucky to have been able to interview Terry Reynolds, Senior Director of Professional and Global Scouting for the Cincinnati Reds. Unlike most of the interviews I have done so far, Terry resides in the scouting department of a Major League Baseball team, and shares a lot of…

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15 Worst Contracts in Major League Baseball

Large contracts in sports are almost always risky. As a general manager, you might think you are gaining a valuable asset to help your team win a championship. That’s not always the case however. Grantland’s Jonah Keri assembled a list on the 15 worst contracts in Major League Baseball. Many of these players on the…

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MLB and StubHub Come to Terms of New Deal

Major League Baseball and StubHub (a ticket market place where users can buy and sell tickets) reached an agreement to a 5-year deal Monday that will continue the site’s role as the secondary ticket market for all of the league’s games. StubHub has been heavily involved with the MLB for over a decade, include a…

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PrePlay Football v3.0 Now on iTunes

PrePlay Football’s app is one of the world’s best predictors and resources for NFL Football. With this app, you can use it to efficiently predict nearly every down of every drive during the remainder of the season. And the best part about it, it’s all in real time. This app for iPhone and iTouch works…

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Groupon Becomes Official Deal Site of Major League Baseball

Groupon and Major League Baseball have come to terms to make the online coupon distributor the league’s official deal site. Groupon used the 2012 season to test the market, using promotions throughout the year. The multi-year deal will extend through the 2014 season and could potentially include all 30 MLB teams. Under the agreement, Groupon…

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MLB World Series: Comparing the Teams via Social Media

Finally, we’re here. The World Series. There’s no greater stage in sports, no greater moment than the last out made each season, and no greater battle between the two teams than the one for…social media supremacy! With the last two remaining teams having been decided and the World Series underway, we know how the teams…

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