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PrePlay Football v3.0 Now on iTunes

PrePlay Football’s app is one of the world’s best predictors and resources for NFL Football. With this app, you can use it to efficiently predict nearly every down of every drive during the remainder of the season. And the best part about it, it’s all in real time.

This app for iPhone and iTouch works for the 3GS through the 5 and has continued to evolve with each version. Now on No. 3, this app is a great resource to play with and compete with your friends.

Make predictions and suggests on key downs and drives and weigh in with the NFL community. The best part about PrePlay is that it’s completely free on the iTunes store. What do you have to lose? Install it and see how well you are at calling the game.

PrePlay is also available for Major League Baseball and other sports.


What’s New with Version 3.0?

PrePlay Football v3.0?

  • New guess types for defensive plays like sack, safety, and turnover
  • More guess options for more precise play calling
  • Game winner pick before kick-off
  • Completely new user interface and design
  • Full historical guess list
  • Friends and favorite team specific chat rooms
  • Global, friends, and favorite team leaderboards sorted by season and week

You can play along with your friends and see how you hold up on leaderboards. Who knows, you might be an expert by season’s end.

Prizes Include

With v3 you have the opportunity to win a prize every single day there is a game. Come playoff time we’ll be kicking things up a notch by giving you a chance to WIN BIG! More info on that coming soon. To stay up-to-date on contests and prizing follow @PrePlaySports on twitter. – Team PrePlay

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