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The Global Sports Symposium Comes to London

global sports symposium

This summer an impactful, powerful new conference will be gracing our calendars – The Global Sports Symposium.

The Global Sports Symposium, which is being presented by the same team behind the US-based Ivy Sports Symposium (Sports Symposium, Inc.), will bring together the leading decision-makers of the industry for a day of networking, discourse and learning.

This student-led organization is excited to be expanding internationally by hosting the first GSS in partnership with Arsenal FC and Emirates Stadium.

“One of my top goals when assuming the role of Executive Director was finding a way to take our event international,” said Sports Symposium Executive Director Alex Rosen. “The Symposium family cannot wait to share the unique experience of attending one of our events with both students and professionals at the world-class Emirates Stadium.”

A Little Bit About Past Sports Symposiums

Established in 2006, Sports Symposium, Inc. is a student-run, non-profit organization that sets the standard for sports business education.  In its eight-year history, their events have featured more than 300 unique speakers from around the world representing all facets of the sports business.

Past speakers from the event have included:

  • Gary Bettman, Commissioner, National Hockey League
  • Tom Verducci, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated
  • Arn Tellem, Vice Chairman and President, Team Sports, Wasserman Media Group
  • Wyc Grousbeck, Chief Executive Officer, Boston Celtics
  • Lisa Baird, CMO, United States Olympic Committee
  • Peter Moore, President, EA Sports


The Ivy Sports Symposium has traditionally welcomed student attendees from over 60 colleges, universities and professional delegates from a wide range of companies.  Its intimate setting combined with engaging content and dynamic speakers have made it a “must attend” event every year; we are certain that the same successes will be met during our first global conference.

The 2014 Global Sports Symposium

This years confirmed speakers so far are: 

  • Bob Reeves (President, RFU)
  • Chuck Baker (Partner, DLA Piper)
  • Matthew Baxter (Chief of Media, Liverpool FC)
  • Mark Lamping (President, Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Marc Reeves (International Commercial Director, NFL)
  • Stephen Nuttall (Senior Director, Sports YouTube EMEA)
  • Tom Fox (Chief Commercial Officer, Arsenal)

The symposium promises to bring a 360 degree view of the Sports Business world, with talks and panels representing all aspects of the business. However, it comes with a nice twist as it’s aimed at both seasoned professionals and those who want to enter the business.

Emirates Stadium, 1/3/10. Credit : Arsenal Football Club / David Price.

“Throughout the planning process the student-run team has received positive feedback from the industry leaders it has reached out to.  We believe this is a testament to the US-based Ivy Sports Symposium that has attracted top industry names over the course of its eight-year history. We are expecting similar successes for this first event in the UK and continue to get excited as we move forward with our planning.”

Harriet Thayer, 2014 Global Sports Symposium Co-Chair

The 1st annual Global Sports Symposium (“GSS”) takes place on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at Emirates Stadium in London. The registration page can be accessed from our site: or here:

We hope that you share our enthusiasm for the 2014 Global Sports Symposium and that you will be able to join us and help spread the word.

Should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GSS at or sign up for more information on their site

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This summer an impactful, powerful new conference will be gracing our calendars – The Global Sports Symposium. The Global Sports Symposium, which is being presented by the same team behind the US-based Ivy Sports Symposium (Sports Symposium, Inc.), will bring together the leading decision-makers of the industry for a day of networking, discourse and learning….

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