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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 12.30.13 – 01.06.14

This week in #SportsBiz focuses on the use of Snapchat by NFL teams as a marketing tool, the most impactful sports happenings of 2013, why the NFL fined Marshawn Lynch, cheap BCS championship tickets and more! Get your fix of the latest in #SportsBiz below.

Social Media In Sports

NFL Teams Use Snapchat As Marketing Tool

Snapchat is really starting to catch on in the NFL

Snapchat is really starting to catch on in the NFL

The New Orleans Saints were the first NFL team to take advantage of the new picture and video sharing service, Snapchat. Teams are using the service to offer fans the chance to receive exclusive behind the scenes Snaps via the recently launched “story” function.

The New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles were the first two teams to adopt the social media platform. Saints Web/Social Media Manager Alex Restrepo said that the team has built up a following of over 28,500 users since October – at least 14,000 of whom view each individual Snap. He said that his most significant takeaway has been the fans’ perception of the Snaps as personal messages from their favorite team.

“You see people saying, ‘The Saints snapchatted me,’” Restrepo said. “We’re not really Snapchatting them; we’re just adding it to the story, and they’re seeing the story. But they see Snapchat as a personal messaging app, as opposed to being a social media outlet.”

Has your favorite team got involved with the Snapchat craze yet?

Read more here and here.

Sports Business

The Most Impactful Global Sports Business And Legal Events Of 2013


What happened in #SportsBiz in 2013 that made you say ‘WOW’ or maybe even baffled you? Professor at Wharton’s School of Business and attorney specializing in sports law at Duane Morris LLC, Kenneth Shropshire, has composed a top list of 2013’s business and legal stories having the greatest impact on the global sports business.

His list includes Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel’s trouble with the NCAA, Jay Z becoming a sports agent, the sale of IMG to WME, the Boston Marathon bombing and more.

Read Shropshire’s full list here.

Sports Media

Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Fined By NFL For Not Talking To Media

mlynchSilence is not golden in the NFL. Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $50,000 by the NFL for not talking to the media recently. After a Seahawks practice Lynch reportedly spoke to media for roughly one minute and 23 seconds. During that time, he delivered answers straight and to the point, handling nine questions in 79 words.

Lynch had denied interviews all regular season. With the playoffs approaching and all the media attention that surrounds it, players are required to fulfill certain interview obligations at the risk of potential fines from the NFL.

“Until this past week, the league had been unaware that Lynch had not been speaking,” according to an email to USA Today from NFL spokesman Randall Liu

By rule, players are, in fact, required to speak with the media on a regular basis. Twice per week to be exact; once prior to a game and then once after the conclusion of a game.

Last time Lynch spoke to media was November 2012, over a year ago! Seems as though he could not avoid the watchful eye of the NFL any longer.

Read more here.

Sports Ticket Sales

BCS Championship Tickets Selling For Cheap


Travel time and expense have also played a role in ticket prices. PhotoCredit: Allen Kee, ESPN Images

As of 8:30 a.m. ET on Monday, January 6, nearly 1,000 tickets to the final BCS National Championship game were selling below face value, according to TiqIQ, a ticket market data provider. This means fans of either Florida State or Auburn are in luck. Many of the bowl games in previous weeks had overpriced tickets and – much like the NFL – colleges had some trouble selling their allotment of tickets and faced competition from the secondary ticket market.

Prices on the resale market of some of the tickets have dipped below the face value of $325 and $385, making this one of the cheapest championship games to attend. The median price of a ticket paid for theloop game on ticket resale site StubHub through Sunday was $799. That’s 45 percent cheaper than the median price paid for last year’s title game on the site ($1,459) and 47 percent cheaper than the median price paid for the game in 2012 ($1,528).

Read more of Darren Rovell’s article on

Social Media In Sports

FC Barcelona first club to reach 50 million Facebook fans

FC Barcelona is the first sports club to reach 50 million followers on Facebook.

“Being the first sports club in the world to reach 50 million Facebook fans is a source of pride and at the same time a responsibility towards our followers,” said Didac Lee, a Barca director responsible for new technology.

Real Madrid is not far behind bitter rivals Barca with 46.7 million, while Real’s Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo has nearly 69 million followers and Barca’s Argentine World Player of the Year Lionel Messi has 52 million.

Read the original article here.

Sports Technology

Yahoo Sports Turns Game Highlights Into GIFs


Yahoo has updated its Sports app for iOS7 to offer short clips taken from game highlights and allows users to overlay text. The internet giant is using technology from its acquisition of IntoNow to record highlights from nearly every play in televised sports, allowing GIF creators to quickly scan through a game’s plays and highlight their favorite moments.

Find out more about the app and its new feature here.

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