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TV Listings Are A Thing Of The Past With Bleacher Buddy

tv listingsHave you ever been in the situation where you have travelled to a new city, with different time zone and you’ve searched the TV listings to find the game, only to to realize that kick off was an hour ago? This is unacceptable for any sports fan in any time zone.

Well never fear, theres a new app to make sure this NEVER happens again!

In a nutshell, Bleacher Buddy finally answers the question that plagues so many of us each day…“What channel is the game on!?”

Bleacher Buddy Looks To Make TV Listings Obsolete

The app is really simple to use. You just enter your Zip code, select your service provider (cable / satellite), the game you want to watch, and boom, it tells you every channel the game is on in your area. It now takes about ten seconds to find the game that you want to watch, with as little as 3 clicks. That includes launching the app!

This is what Co-Creator Judd Larke had to say about the inspiration behind the app:

“Bleacher Buddy was built to solve a common problem that so many of us share.  Plain and simple, it’s just a huge pain, and waste of time, to search through hundreds of channels when you want to find the game you want to watch on TV. Because sports move at such a fast pace, you’re really missing out if you’re spending 20 minutes flipping channels. It’s an everyday problem that thousands of people face, so to us, it was a no-brainer.”

What Makes Bleacher Buddy Different?

Bleacher Buddy prides itself on the ability to:

  1. Make it as straightforward, quick and as easy as possible to find the game you want to watch.
  2. Make it free so everyone can use it.
  3. Make it interactive, so users can participate in polls; like casting a vote for their favorite team.

Larke went on to say:

The two key principles that drive Bleacher Buddy are convenience and speed. With our app, you can honestly find every channel that your game is on faster than the average TV can even power up.”

Location Possibilites

One of the many great things about this app is, if you are traveling and not sure what your Zip code is, the app can figure that out for you. Furthermore, it’ll also convert all the game times for your specific timezone without any user input. No more wondering how many hours ahead or behind you are.

“The difference between our app and others on the market is that we’ve removed the middleman  Not only do we provide the networks the game is broadcast on, but we also provide the specific channel numbers. You’ll never have to open a TV guide again to find a game on TV, regardless of where you are.” says Larke

Push Notifications

A new feature for the app is push notifications, which tracks the games of your favorite teams so you don’t have to. By that, I mean the app will actually remind you when your team is about to play by sending you a little reminder. Which is a great plus in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

The app currently supports NBA, NCAA (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse), NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, European League Soccer, WNBA, NASCAR and F1 Racing. But the Bleacher Buddy team doesn’t stop there, as they do have plans to move towards Golf, Tennis, MMA, and much more.

BleacherbudCurrently, select games will also include live scores. But the creators are not sure how long it will be before they are able to convert this feature over for every game. The team is testing that part out, and it will depend on how users react to having this feature. Personally, I think this would be the cherry on the cake, and would make this app complete.

Whats In The Future?

The Bleacher Buddy team are keen to improve the app in many ways. Larke comments on the future of Bleacher Buddy:

“Right now, the app has one main function.  You launch it, you find your game, and you go about your day.  We’d like to change that.  Our vision for Bleacher Buddy is to not only make a tool for finding the game, but also to provide a place for users to interact with each other, talk about the game, view standings, scores, etc.”

Bleacher Buddy also includes features to connect with your friends on Facebook, and Twitter and share which game you are currently watching.

“In a lot of ways, this app is being developed for the people, by the people.  We’re really active on social media, and are feverishly encouraging feedback.  If we can manage it, we’re going to make the app do what the users want it to do.”

Pick Up The App Today!

If you want to get in touch with Bleacher Buddy click here for their Twitter account. And if you’re like me and want this app straight away then here are the app links for both IOS and Android devices:

Free download (Live app)
iTunes Link

Free download (Live app)
Android Link

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