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Download An NFL App To Enhance Your Watching Experience!

With the Ravens and Broncos set to kick off the NFL season tonight, fans across the country will be increasingly turning to an NFL app on their phones and tablets alike to supplement their viewing experience and get the most out of the inaugural game in America’s favorite season. Whether it’s for fantasy sports, score updates or to resolve a debate with your buddies, the app marketplace has something for everyone.

With so many apps available to download, we’ve done the research for you and broken down the top 5 NFL apps you must get for this upcoming season.

Enhance Your Second Screen Football Experience with an NFL App!


nfl app

  • Price: Free
  • Topic: Full Database of NFL Info

With Draftpedia, you can quickly view and sort 30+ years of NFL drafts, team rosters and player stats. Quickly look up Joe Flacco’s draft class. Find Peyton Manning’s old Colts rosters with the click of a button. Easily find out how many Pro Bowlers your favorite team has had selected in the past decade. Draftpedia allows you to do all this.

Wondering who else went to Baylor with RG3? Draftpedia readily lists all the current and past NFL alumni from every college. The app works offline, which makes it lightning quick and a superior alternative to searching Google when debating your friends.

The app will also come in handy come November, as the app covers basketball in depth as well. Something Julius Peppers and Antonio Gates can appreciate, in addition to the true multi-sport fan.

NFL Game Rewind

  • Price: $69.99
  • Topic: Full Game Replay

Missed the game last week? Last year? NFL Game Rewind has every game archived from 2009 through 2012. The app also quickly gives access to the games from the previous week, as showcased in the video above.

They even have an option to watch condensed games in just 30 minutes. The app offers several different pricing plans. You can pick up a package that includes the playoffs, a package to follow one specific team or a package for the fan who just wants to watch last week’s games. NFL Game Rewind is a great resource for anyone who can’t reliably be on the couch every Sunday but doesn’t want to miss a beat during the NFL season.

CBS Sports

cbs sports

  • Price: Free
  • Topic: Social Media Integration

Where CBS Sports distinguishes itself with it’s app is with the portal that is fully synced with your Twitter account. Rather than constantly flipping between Twitter and your favorite sports app, the CBS Sports app integrates your own Twitter stream into its interface. It’s an ideal second screen experience during all NFL games.

In addition to the cool Twitter integration, the app offers the usual lives scores, news and alerts. You can also stream live video of most CBS Sports events and watch videos of experts previewing and breaking down games, making sure you have all the information you need heading into the big game.

NFL Mobile

nfl mobile

  • Price: Free
  • Topic: Live Game Stats

For all the stats nerds out there, the best app is NFL Mobile. Where the app distinguishes itself from its competitors is in its design and ease of use. It’s incredibly easy to quickly find out who’s leading the league in rushing or receiving that particular Sunday or specifically in the game you are watching. It’s individual player pages are easy to navigate and convey all the relevant statistical and background information on offense, defense and special teams.

And if you’re looking for video, the NFL Mobile app does a great job of integrating video into several parts of the app. With the ability to watch everything NFL Mobile supplies you on your phone, there’s no need to ever leave your couch!

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports


  • Price: Free
  • Topic: Fantasy Sports

With Yahoo’s redesigned and updated fantasy app, users can now draft directly from their phones. The clean interface also allows you to easily manage your roster, see how your team is doing and follow any breaking news updates once your season has started.

Wondering how the best free agent RB has been performing this year? Yahoo’s app let’s you easily make the right decisions from your phone and allows you to pick your man up on the spot so you don’t miss out on his talents for the rest of the year. If you’re in a CBS or ESPN league, fear not, for those apps stack up nicely to Yahoo’s fantasy offering as well.

Test Out An NFL App To Start The Season Off Right!

Its safe to say most of us are excited for the NFL to finally get going for the next five months. With these five apps, you’ll be more than ready for kickoff tonight and beyond all the way through the NFL season!

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