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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 04.15.13 – 04.22.13


Sports Business

SequentialT Captures Fan Data for Venues to Maximize Revenue

sports business

SequentialT, founded in 2009 by Peter Kraft, Tracy Howe and John Kiely, captures fan data by issuing “FanIDs.”

The program identifies fans at the sporting event by allowing fans to link their ticket to their FanID. The program also captures data on fans who are not attending the game.

Fans attending the game who link their ticket to their FanID are eligible for special benefits such as in-game call outs, upgrades and prizes. Sponsors can also be linked with the program for the potential of even more rewards. Fans can also get physical badges which can be linked to their FanID. Fans can also earn rewards through their FanID by purchasing concessions and merchandise at the venue.

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Sports Media

Ebbets Brings Historic Feel to ’42′

sports mediaLast Friday, the film ’42’ was released in theatres in anticipation of Jackie Robinson Day, which the baseball world celebrated on Monday.

The film is based on the life story of Jackie Robinson and his history-making signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers under the guidance of team executive Branch Rickey.

The film has already received rave reviews and one of the highlights from the film is the authenticity of the uniforms worn by the actors.

Sportsnetworker sat down with Jerry Cohen of Ebbets, who produced the uniforms for the film.

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Sports Marketing

Marketing at the Concession Stand

sports marketingMore and more teams are using the power of marketing their players and aligning the player’s names with food related items in order to increase sales.

Think of the Roethlis-BURGER as an example of this.

Michael Rudd wrote a great piece earlier this week about marketing at the concession stands and gave readers a look into some of his brilliant ideas.

Coco Crisp, OJ Mayo and Cedric Maxwell all have their names make appearances in the story.

Check out the story and maybe you can come up with some unique marketing gimmicks of your own.

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Sports Sponsorship

National Brands Investing In Local Sponsorship in Canada

sports sponsorshipLarge national brands are investing more finances in local Canadian sponsorship every day.

Brands such as Tim Hortons, BMO and Old Dutch understand that reaching out to the community really does pay dividends when it comes to their reputation and it only makes sense from a business standpoint to give back to those who purchase your products when you have the funds to do it.

Programs such as the Tim Hortons Timbits Sports Program, Bank of Montreal Ultimate Fan Appreciation Night and the Old Dutch Junior Blade Program highlight a few options of companies giving back to their communities.

And for people interested in Canadian sports sponsorship, they can visit the Canadian Sponsorship Forum, which is set to take place May 24-26 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Sports Jobs

Females Leading the Front Office

sports jobsIt seems that the prejudices and stereotypes of females working in sports diminish more with every year that passes.

Females are now openly accepted working in every facet of a professional sports team’s front office.

Who is to stop a female from being intricately involved in the operations of her high school football team, serving as a football operations assistant and football manager in college, earning multiple sports internships in front offices, and volunteering her free time with other local sports teams?

There are countless females working as executives in the front office of sports teams across the different professional leagues. They have earned their way into these positions, and in many cases they have had to fight harder because they are female.

A woman is just as qualified as a man to be a General Manager in today’s business-oriented professional sports world. This is especially true considering that women have exactly the same background experience opportunities as men. Gender doesn’t matter for this position anymore, and anyone who thinks otherwise is living in the past.

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Sports Sales

Angels and StubHub Battle it Out

sports salesThe Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and StubHub are fighting. The two parties are competing in a national debate over whether teams and concert venues can control what fans do with a ticket once they buy it.

What are the two fighting over?

The $4 billion fans spend each year to buy sport and concert tickets from parties other than the original seller, according to the Sports Business Journal.

StubHub, an online ticket marketplace, sold four tickets per day when it launched in 2000. Today, the company sells one ticket every second.

The Angels declined to renew a partnership with StubHub for this season and allied instead with Ticketmaster The Angels charge season-seat holders 5% of the resale purchase price, with the fee split between the team and Ticketmaster. This is not rubbing StubHub the right way.

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Sports Technology

NHL ’14 Release Date and Snippets

sports technology

NHL ’14 is set to be released September 10.

NHL 14 delivers game-changing hits with cutting-edge NHL Collision Physics, built from EA SPORTS FIFA’s revolutionary Player Impact Engine.

Drop the gloves with the all-new Enforcer Engine, powered by the same technology used in the critically acclaimed Fight Night franchise.

Experience a new level of speed and control with the second season of the critically-acclaimed True Performance Skating engine, and dangle defenders with all-new One-Touch Dekes.

In addition, fans can Live the Life of an NHL player in an all-new incarnation of the Be a Pro Career Mode, now featuring on and off-ice elements.

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