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POLL: With The NHL Lockout Over, Has The League Won You Back?

NHL LockoutOn Sunday, January 6, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and  NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr announced a tentative collective bargaining agreement to end the NHL lockout.

After over 100 days, fans across North America and the rest of the world began to lose hope that they’d see hockey this season. Some even were indifferent to seeing NHL action at all.

What’s the current state among hockey fans regarding the recent ending of the NHL lockout? Are fans glad the work stoppage is over? Are some going to boycott the season altogether?

Or are some fans ecstatic to watch their first game following the NHL lockout?

The Globe and Mail — a Canadian distributed newspaper based in Toronto — recently conducted a fan poll regarding the ending of the NHL lockout. Check out the results here and vote your own opinion as well.

NHL Lockout: Fan Responses From Globe and Mail’s Poll

  • “They don’t deserve fans this year.”
  • “Just stop discussing it and drop the puck!’
  • “Please don’t ever leave us alone in the Canadian winter without NHL!”
  • “Greedy buggers.”
  • “Waste of time; bunch of rich whiners.”


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