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At Last! Your Favorite NFL Stadium Will Be A WiFi Hotspot

For many sports fans, it’s not enough to just go to a game. There are pictures to post, smack talk postings to upload on a social network, game-related Tweets to Tweet and maybe even a video or two of a great play to post on YouTube. And that’s on top of a constant stream of…

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Social Media May Force The Hand Of The Redskins

The battle on the issue with the Washington Redskins name being offensive is heating up. Many groups and individuals have come forth to express their disdain for the name and its prejudice background. Dan Snyder has already stated that he will “never” change the name of his football team, not leaving much wiggle room for…

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Members of U.S. Congress Urge Washington Redskins to Change Team Name

Their nickname has been one of the most controversial in all of professional sports, and now, the political storm behind the name is brewing once again. 10 members of United States congress are asking the Washington Redskins to change their name because it is viewed as offensive to Native Americans. Congress sent out letters to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell,…

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Social Media In Sports: NFL Head Coaches To Follow On Twitter

Two weeks ago, Sports Networker highlighted a handful of Division-I college football head coaches who are utilizing social media in sports to their advantage, specifically twitter. According to a recent survey, roughly half of the 120-plus coaches are on the social media platform. However, the same cannot be said for the 32 head coaches in…

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