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ESPN’s Top-10 Ranked Players Compared Via Social Media (#NBArank)

Lebron James-Social Media along with the TrueHoop Network recently ranked NBA players from No. 500 all the way to No. 1, which was claimed by the Miami Heat’s, Lebron James.

At Sports Networker, we took the top 10 players from the list and compared them across the social media networks of facebook, twitter, and youtube. Check out our findings to see if there were any surprises.

Below are a few notable social media facts from ESPN’s top-10 ranked players.

  • Kobe Bryant was the only player in ESPN’s #NBArank that doesn’t have a twitter account.
  • The Eastern Conference was represented with four players while the Western Conference had the upper-hand with six players.
  • There were three sets of teammates represented in the top 10 of ESPN’s list (Durant-Westbrook, Bryant-Howard, and James-Wade).
  • Just four players had Official YouTube Channels, with the Thunder’s Kevin Durant leading the way in number of subscribers (27,940).

Facebook, Twitter & YouTube: Social Media in Sports Debate

1. Lebron James

Lebron JamesTwitter — 6,148,659 Followers

Facebook — 12,404,519 ‘Likes’

2. Kevin Durant

Kevin DurantTwitter — 2,960,232 Followers

Facebook — 3,180,202 ‘Likes’

YouTube — 27,940 Subscribers

3. Dwight Howard

Dwight HowardTwitter — 3,491,349 Followers

Facebook — 2,655,780 ‘Likes’

4. Chris Paul

Chris PaulTwitter — 1,466,532 Followers

Facebook — 978,839 ‘Likes’

5. Derrick Rose

Derrick RoseTwitter — 290,397 Followers

Facebook — 6,026,593 ‘Likes’

YouTube — 7,580 Subscribers

6. Kobe Bryant

Kobe BryantFacebook — 14,106,838 ‘Likes’

7. Kevin Love

Kevin LoveTwitter — 440,007 Followers

Facebook — 223,727 ‘Likes’

8. Dwayne Wade

Dwayne WadeTwitter — 3,762,805 Followers

Facebook — 6,645,060 ‘Likes’

YouTube — 1,463 Subscribers

9. Russell Westbrook

Russell WestbrookTwitter — 659,083 Followers

Facebook — 874,036 ‘Likes’

10. Deron Williams

Deron WilliamsTwitter — 267,771 Followers

Facebook — 402,567 ‘Likes’

YouTube — 265 Subscribers


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Do you agree with ESPN’s #NBArank? Are you surprised by the top-10 players compared across social media? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @sportsnetworker

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