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NFL vs. EPL: Who Wins The Social Media Playoffs? (INFOGRAPHIC)

NFL-EPL social media

Football versus, well, football.

The National Football League is widely popular within the United States while English fútbol (soccer) is a global phenomenon, with one of Europe’s best known leagues being the English Premier League.

So, according to social media, what league comes out on top? Granted, this isn’t an exact science comparing the two leagues, with the U.S. boasting millions more people than England. Yet, the infographic, presented by, might surprise you.

Here are some key stats from the Facebook and Twitter social media debate.

  • On Twitter, the NFL has 3,712,100 followers while the EPL boasts a measly 315,300 followers.
  • If you added up the total ‘Likes’ from each member team in both leagues, you’d find that the EPL has over 68 million fans on their teams’ Facebook pages while the NFL has roughly 53 million fans.
  • The most ‘Liked’ Facebook fan page from the EPL was Manchester United with close to 27 million fans; the most ‘Liked’ fan page from the NFL was the Dallas Cowboys with just over 5 million.

Social Media Infographic Comparing the NFL And EPL

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