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Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz – 12.2.7

The Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Online Marketing Coordinator – Steve Richards 

Sports Business

Baseball, Not Football, Has the Super Salaries

“Welker makes $2.5 million a year. That’s a great haul until you consider what a worker bee like Welker would make in a baseball uniform. There always has been a crazy salary disparity between America’s pastime (baseball) and America’s obsession (pro football). But it has become so insane that Indianapolis police should be on alert this week. NFL players need to buy drums, stop showering and pitch tents outside Lucas Oil Stadium. It’s time to Occupy the Super Bowl. The can’t-miss slogan: ‘We Are the 100 Percent That Makes Less Than Vernon Wells!'”

Palace of Auburn Hills May Eliminate Half of It’s Luxury Suite Suites

“After 11 home games this season, the struggling Pistons (4-18) are averaging 12,619 fans a game, worst in the 30-team National Basketball Association.”

Sports Networking

10 Pro Tips for Writers Using Social Media

“We recently covered 10 inspiring social networks for writers that can help you extend your influence and develop your content. But what about the mainstream networks? How do you successfully raise your profile and gain a following? Six well-known authors and writers, who are experts in this type of personal branding, share their methods and suggestions on how to use social media to push yourself forward in the writing industry. Whether you’ve been using social media for a while or you’re just starting out, you might learn something new.”

Managing Your Personal Brand Via Online Presence and Reputation

An interesting and fun graphic look at how you can boast and manage your person brand in four easy-to-follow bullet points.

Sports Marketing

Lucas Oil Gets Brand Boost From Super Bowl Venue

“Any company with its name attached to the Super Bowl is about to score one of its biggest marketing bounces of the year. And none will realize a bigger victory than California-based Lucas Oil Co.”

The Super Bowl’s Real ROI

“Each year, it seems the Super Bowl gets further hyped and inflated. Witness the 7,200 fans who paid $25 just to observe Super Bowl XLVI’s Media Day on Jan. 31—an event for which NFL Network provided “nearly five hours of coverage,” to cite USA Today. Through Sunday, host city Indianapolis expects to receive up to 150,000 celebrities, corporate executives, and well-to-do football fans, with an estimated economic impact of $150 million, according to the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Assn.”

Sports Sponsorship

Engaging Audiences Through Sports Sponsorship

“A brand will enter the world of sponsorship with an objective; typically – and in the most part historically – to raise awareness. Now however, sponsorship has the ability to deliver so much more; to enhance the reputation of a brand and bring positive association to the values and core DNA which defines that brand. This potential brings with it the importance to define ‘why’ – why a brand has associated itself with a specific event or initiative.”

It’s A Shame Nesbitt Has To Go Outside Canada for Key Sponsor

“When speed skater Christine Nesbitt competed at the world sprint championships last weekend, one of her more prominent sponsors was a Dutch telecom company, Galaxy Group.

You can see them displayed here over her heart and on her left shoulder.”

Sports Sales

Luxury Suites Rule In Professional Sports Revenue

“All 137 luxury suites at Lucas Oil Stadium were sold out months before the opening kick-off for Super Bowl XLVI, according to stadium officials in Indianapolis. With a minimum reported price of $80,000 per box, that kind of money has turned luxury-suite revenue into one of the most dominant forces in sports, analysts say.” – Makes you wonder if the Pistons best move is cutting their luxury suites in half to add a restaurant.

Why More Pro Athletes are Scoring Franchises After Sports Fame

“Jamal Mashburn had everything an athlete could dream of. During his 12 years in the NBA in the 1990s and early 2000s, ‘Monster Mash’ was instrumental in turning around the Dallas Mavericks; he also set several scoring records and was even selected for the All-Star Game while playing for the New Orleans Hornets. But despite all that success, he couldn’t stop thinking about briefcases.”

Sports Social Media

Super Bowl XLVI Just Became America’s Most Tweeted Sporting Event

“Super Bowl XLVI just became America’s most tweeted sporting event after the game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants hit a record average of 12,233 tweets per second (TPS), according to Twitter.”

Wolves Control Their Own Message With Twitter

“[Kevin] Love had chosen to announce the extension via Twitter, a move that’s become more popular among athletes in recent years but is still far from the norm. In 2010, Kevin Durant announced his extension with Oklahoma City on Twitter, and C.C. Sabathia tweeted to inform the world that he’d signed a new contract with the Yankees in October. Shaquille O’Neal even announced his retirement last June via the social media site.”

Sports Media

NBC Only Good, Not Super

“NBC didn’t have a bad Super Bowl. Not by any measurement. But it could have – and should have – been better. The networks all do such a good job of covering major events like Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI that our expectations are high. Some at the network level might say too high, but I don’t think so in this case.”

U.S. Shuts 16 Sports Piracy Websites Pre-Super Bowl

“Three days before Super Bowl XLVI, U.S. prosecutors said they seized 16 websites that illegally streamed live sports and pay-per-view events over the Internet, and charged a Michigan man with running nine of those websites.”

Sports Technology

ESPN: “Mobile is the Primary Way We Reach an Audience”

“After revolutionizing the way people receive their sports information with the 24-hour network ESPN and its sister stations, Michael Bayle, VP and general manager of ESPN mobile, seeks to change it all over again.  In a keynote address at the MediaPost’s Mobile Insider Summit in Key Largo, Florida, Bayle detailed how it now considers mobile the ‘first screen,’ as almost 150,000 people access its mobile offerings at any given time.  According to Bayle, mobile is the most effective way to reach an audience “from an international standpoint.”

How The Super Bowl Is Going High Tech in 2012

“Football isn’t a high-tech sport, though many great football video games have been made for those of us not built for the real thing. This year, however, the Superbowl is going high-tech. Advertisers are tapping into social media to help promote their ads and products. And the NFL is streaming the game live for the first time ever. Even the security at Superbowl XLVI is high-tech.”

Sports Jobs

More Sports, More Tourism, More Jobs?

“The Olympic Trials of 2008 in Eugene brought $28 million in local spending to the economy, so can that amount be multiplied? A local sports tourism group in Lane County wants to give that idea a running start.”

Athletics Outfielder Michael Taylor Has An Offseason Job

“This is pretty neat.  Not as neat as the fact that Richie Hebner used to work as a grave digger in the offseason, but neat in the sense that ballplayers never actually work real jobs anymore, so it’s cool to see one who does.” – The real story is told in the linked video.

Sports Events

Eli Manning Has Taught Us To Never Underestimate His Talents Again

“I still can’t get over that throw from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham. As much as I respect the catch (it will be the greatest of Manningham’s career, no matter how long he plays), I am in awe of the throw. How did Manning make that throw? Why make that throw? Why did he pick the target of the guy with a corner in coverage and a safety flying over to crush Manningham? The 38-yard throw — which began an 88-yard, Super Bowl-winning touchdown drive that Bill Belichick will see in his nightmares — is just one more reason to never, ever question how good Eli Manning is. He will have some crappy games the rest of his career, because two or three times a year he stinks. But I ask you: What quarterback alive do you want with the ball in his hands in the last two minutes of a big game? Thought so. Eli Manning.” – Note that Peter King, possibly the best and most respected NFL analyst around, wrote the Eli Manning ballad you just read. Safe to say the younger Manning proved something Sunday night.

Stanley Banishes PGA Tour Ghosts With First Win

“One week ago, Kyle Stanley was reduced to tears after a heartbreaking collapse saw him surrender a seven-shot lead in final round of the Farmers Insurance Open. On Sunday, the American was once again in tears. But this time they were tears of joy after Stanley benefited from a similarly dramatic meltdown from Spencer Levin to seal a one-stroke win at the Waste Management Open in Phoenix, Arizona.”

Is there anything we missed this week in the world of sports business? Let us know your thoughts about the Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz in the comments below and please feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!


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