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Sports iPhone App Review: Kwarter Brings Fun With Social Rewards

social rewardsEveryone loves rewards. From cash back on credit cards to gas rewards at supermarkets to coupons for spending a certain amount of money in retail, rewards programs are everywhere. People use them as incentives to shop somewhere and that’s what companies love in return.

Piggybacking off of that idea, the iPhone app Kwarter has created a social rewards program for sports fans with one big difference; you don’t need to spend any money for these rewards.

Kwarter and Social Rewards Go Hand-in-hand

Kwarter is an app that allows any and all sports fans to connect with each other live through comments, insights and photos. Sign up is quick and easy through Facebook and anyone can hop right into the conversation. With this social rewards app, you can watch any game with a crowd of people, whether they are in the room with you or not.

The social rewards come to the fans during the conversation. Kwarter has found a way to master the games by hiring people to activate the rewards and medals handed out live as the game is happening. The app is creating a community of users managed by a community of Game Masters, which keeps their content and social rewards fresh. As a bonus not all of the rewards are Kwarter-based either; collecting the right medal at the right time brings home a reward for users as well.

“What differentiates Kwarter from other second-screen sports applications is our dedication to a simple and wonderfully designed user experience,” said Carlos Diaz, Kwarter Founder. “Instead of just pushing information such as Twitter feeds and other outside content, Kwarter is a crowdsourced platform, a social game where fans interact with one another and with notable bloggers who ‘host’ each game. These Game Masters, as they’ve come to be known, trigger special medals, prizes, and predictions throughout the game, while providing their take on the action and engaging with users.  The result is a lively and welcoming social atmosphere set against a fast-paced and competitive iPhone game, featuring hundreds of graphic medals, prediction questions, and rewards that our users absolutely love.”

Kwarter also allows people actually at the game to check themselves in. Those fans can then pledge their allegiances to one side or the other and invite their friends to join in on the social rewards through Facebook or Twitter. A group is now with someone in the stadium heading the conversation with their up close and personal opinions and insights.

This social rewards app also brings a complete game schedule to its users in a simple grid interface. This gives all fans a quick and easy look at what games Kwarter is currently covering and will be covering in the future. It also allows them to browse the grid and check-in on any game on the grid, all from the same screen.

Kwarter has not settled as a great social rewards app either. They are working toward the future and constantly making their product better in an ever-changing app world.

“We’re building our product to become a second screen platform that rewards our users for watching games, gives sports experts a new platform to build and interact with a readership, and allows brands to engage with viewers during a game’s most exciting moments,” said Diaz. “In the future we will partner with teams and even individual players to help them engage with and reward their fans in a social environment.”

From the touchdown medal to the hat-trick medal, the social rewards created by Kwarter bring a fun and unique change to the sports viewing experience. Add to that the check-in feature and the simple grid layout and it is clear to see Kwarter is quickly becoming one of the most fun and unique rewards programs, social or not, out there today.

Kwarter – The Augmented Sports Experience With Social Rewards

Have you tried out Kwarter and gotten some of their social rewards yourself? Tell your story in the comments section below! Feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!


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