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Tips for Designing Tablet-Commerce Websites

According to a report released by Forrester, 20 percent of mobile ecommerce sales are coming from tablet users and 60 percent of those who do own tablets use them to shop online. As the tablet market continues to take a big bite out of the PC space, businesses are retooling efforts to develop websites designed…

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Top 4 Strategic Mobile Opportunities in Collegiate Athletics

In a world of emerging media, organizations around the world are constantly analyzing to better understand where and when to jump on board to this mobile shift in society. At what point is it going to make sense business wise, and how this is relevant for collegiate athletics? My question is, “What are you waiting…

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The Future of Sports Social Media

In last week’s newsletter, we asked you what you thought the future of sports social media would look like and all of you responded with a optimistic outlook for the coming year. The trends being talked about include more virtual engagement, inclusion of mobile real time technology, and a global reach. Here is what you had to…

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The Beginning of the Mobile Takeover

(This is a guest article by Michael Coco) We all strive on the ability to obtain information when and how we want it; and it is becoming more and more popular to receive that information through our mobile devices. Millions of people use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social networking sites every day. The…

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