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Question Effectively to be Successful in Sports

If You ‘__?__’ Effectively, You Will Be Successful in Sports: Sport Executives get offered their top job because they __?__. Most entry-level sports sales associates are able to break into the sport industry because they __?__. If a candidate for a collegiate Athletic Director position doesn’t __?__, how would a college even know about their…

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Sports Insider Interview Series #3: Schuyler Hoversten, Director of Revenue Development with LA Dodgers

   Schuyler has a wealth of innovative knowledge in the sport industry, in addition to being an amazing, strategic, out of the box thinker. His ability to think ‘big picture’ helps him land the big deals with major companies around the globe as well as driving huge success for his clients. KRISTEN SONSMA: What…

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Sports Industry Insider Interview Series #2: Kelly Perdew, CEO and Apprentice Winner

On a quest to continue to bring awareness to many facets of the sport business, interviewing Kelly Perdew was on the top of the list. As The Apprentice season 2 winner and sports aficionado, Kelly brings light to his success, how he became a winner, business of fantasy sports, and ‘What is the Apprentice winner…

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Sports Industry Insider Interview Series #1: Chris Quinn, Director of Sales with Santa Anita Park

During a recent trip to California, I had the pleasure to meet Chris Quinn, Director of Sales at Santa Anita Park, and took a tour of their spectacular facility.  I have to admit I did have a goal or maybe a wish that Zenyatta would be waiting in a stall to greet me, but unfortunately…

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How To Slam Dunk Season Ticket Sales During The Off Season

Some teams are knee deep into playoff ticket sales, renewals for next season, and a rush of new season ticket sales to reserve their priority numbers for next season. That’s great! However, this may not be the case for the rest of the teams in the NBA, NHL, or NLL. Great seasons have come to…

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Tapping into Team Supporters Outside Your Zip Code: Role of Social and Digital Media

Professional sport teams each have fans that not only live in within arena zip code, but there are others who live in other states and even in other countries.  Many of these fans have never been able to be communicated with by their favorite team…until now.  The next question is not, “Why should I care,”…

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Top 4 Strategic Mobile Opportunities in Collegiate Athletics

In a world of emerging media, organizations around the world are constantly analyzing to better understand where and when to jump on board to this mobile shift in society. At what point is it going to make sense business wise, and how this is relevant for collegiate athletics? My question is, “What are you waiting…

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MLS National Sales Center: Inside Look with VP Bryant Pfeiffer

Are you looking for a new innovative way to bring qualified account representatives to your sport? Are you interested in breaking into the MLS?  Do you want to work in soccer (futbol), but have been told you don’t have enough ‘sales’ experience? The sports ticket sales landscape in the MLS is currently in an evolution,…

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Do Facebook ‘Likes’ Correlate to Game Attendance in the MLS?

Do you know what time of year it is? Major League Soccer Time! I know it is supposed to be called ‘futbol’ , but since I’m referring to the MLS, for this article I will just refer to it as ‘soccer.’ Social media chatter is all the rage.  Every team you can think of has…

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EXCLUSIVE! Secrets to Landing your Dream Sports Job from an Industry Insider

The sports world is like a secret society including a language similar to Morse code.  Once you’ve entered through the doors of the stadium, you are adorned with a special robe in your designated team colors. As the next ‘chosen one,’ you receive a purple medal of honor for making it through the doors as…

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How to Become A Champion

The parallels of traits between successful business entrepreneurs and championship athletes are always present. And as a two-time national soccer champion on two different collegiate levels, I am a believer that there are certain characteristics that separate an athlete from a championship athlete. How many of these traits listed apply to you, your athletes, your…

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How to Find your Next Client Through Social Media

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite time to put away the cold calling lists forever, but we might be getting close. Let’s explore the alternative. Social media has a powerful way of putting a face to a name, a person behind a brand, and information from around the world at your fingertips.  With the click…

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