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The Mobile Marketer’s Guide to NFL Fans (INFOGRAPHIC)

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, you could say this is prime time for the NFL both on the field and off it for marketers. That’s because NFL fans in particular are passionate about their teams, and their phones. Mobile devices are creating new opportunities for brands to connect with specific audiences. ThinkNear recently looked at the…

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5 Effective Mobile Ecommerce Web Designs in Sports

Guest Post by Dmitriy Gamarnik Here’s a “Jimmy the Greek” type of prediction for the gadget-loving segment of our audience: mobile ecommerce websites are the next big thing in the sports industry. That’s right, you heard it here first. And I’ll put my kid’s college fund on it.  Alright, so I don’t have any kids, and…

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Why Every Sports Team Needs a Mobile App Today

It’s no secret that mobile is taking over. My only question is why are sports teams and leagues waiting around in order to miss the boat?  Some sports teams are starting to use mobile marketing and are getting great results, but a lot of teams just don’t understand the value… yet. This video is a…

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The Power of Mobile Marketing for Sports Teams

Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool for sports teams and organizations. It allows them to engage and interact, on a personal level, with their customers (fans), both at the stadium and throughout the season. Additionally, it is a communication medium that is ideal for the sports fan demographic, which is trending young, educated, and…

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Top 4 Strategic Mobile Opportunities in Collegiate Athletics

In a world of emerging media, organizations around the world are constantly analyzing to better understand where and when to jump on board to this mobile shift in society. At what point is it going to make sense business wise, and how this is relevant for collegiate athletics? My question is, “What are you waiting…

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Why Online Sports Communities are Struggling

If there is one lesson to be learned from the recent announcement that AOL is relinquishing editorial control over its Fanhouse brand and outsourcing its sports coverage to Sporting News, is that being on the Internet does not necessarily equal financial success. AOL dumped Fanhouse, because even with nearly 10 million unique users, they couldn’t…

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Using Mobile Apps in Sports Marketing

The future of sports marketing has already hit the American consumer where they live the most…on their mobile phones. The tech savvy sports marketer knows that not everyone is at home sitting in front of their TVs watching the game, or online checking the scores and buying the gear. A lot of people are too…

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The Beginning of the Mobile Takeover

(This is a guest article by Michael Coco) We all strive on the ability to obtain information when and how we want it; and it is becoming more and more popular to receive that information through our mobile devices. Millions of people use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social networking sites every day. The…

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