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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales: Journey Continues

Over the past 20 odd weeks we have gone over 10.5 steps to ensure your career in sports sales is one in which you don’t just survive but thrive!  From developing a personal brand to reading books every month to having an overflowing funnel of prospects and ideas to never letting complacency set in –…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 10.5: Personal Brands

Consider this part DEUX of the Personal Brands step! Two weeks ago we discussed what a personal brand is and how to figure out what yours might be.  In personal brands volume 10.5 of the sports sales series we will do what all love to procrastinate: ACTION!  This week we will focus on the action…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 10: Personal Brand

Prospect/Client: What do you stand for? Prospect/Client: What do you believe in?  Prospect/Client: Why should I listen to you and your product pitch when there are literally 100 other sports sales people who are going to call me this week that all think they have an idea of how they can help me out with…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 9: No Complacency

What will you do when you have a record year in your sports sales career? What happens when… You win a big award? You land that dream account that you have been working so hard to get to agree to a partnership with you? You make more money than you ever thought possible? You help…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 8: Check Our Ego

I think your product SUCKS! You guys have no idea what you are talking about, advertising doesn’t work anymore.  We just need to be on social media. You are overpriced and won’t deliver the results that I need, I have no doubt about that. Sports sales objections.  We all get them.  Every single day if…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 7: Transformations

Now I know that photo of myself below makes me look like I’m a long way from working at the hot dog stand, but I promise that’s still me! The point is this – when I say “transformations” people have a tendency to jump on that as an assumption that I mean change who you…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 6: Leader Teammate

Have you recently heard or said something like this? “I hit my budget, that’s all I can do!  I mean it’s not my fault everyone can’t be as motivated as I am.” Or how about this one? “How can I be expected to do all of these things?  I need some more help.” More often…

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Mike Rudd Helps People Turn Their Passion Into Careers

Monday through Friday, people are clocking into work from nine to five.  It seems like a never-ending process for most because the passion has either long gone or wasn’t there from the start. When Can I Ketchup And Find My Hotdog Stand is an Ebook by Mike Rudd, a man that knows his hot dogs. More…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 5: Being Positive

“Remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out. Keep your head up, and handle it.” – 2PAC 2PAC said it best  – we have to handle adversity and wrap our hands around being positive in all aspects of life…

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Buckeye Nation Movie: An Interview with Mike Newman

Hey All!  Mike Rudd here from Sports Networker. Mike Newman is a filmmaker and finishing up his second documentary on Buckeye Nation, aka the Ohio State Buckeyes fan base! Today we do an interview with Mike on the Buckeye Nation Movie and how you can help if you feel so inclined! We always talk about following…

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 4: Love of Reading

Want to get better at sports sales? Embrace and have a love of reading! Somewhere along the line we begin to get told by our teachers what we have to read for either school assignments or summer reading before a new school year. Slowly but surely over the years we associate reading as a task….

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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol. 3: Overflowing Funnel

I have been in 100% commission radio and media sales going on a decade now. I have been in sports sales for a little over five years and worked with over 500 clients. I have also probably worked with well over 200 different reps on sales team no bigger than 5-8 in size; which is…

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