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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 7: Transformations

Now I know that photo of myself below makes me look like I’m a long way from working at the hot dog stand, but I promise that’s still me!

I have made some important transformations in my career without compromising what I believe in. You can too!

I have made some important transformations in my career without compromising what I believe in. You can too!

The point is this – when I say “transformations” people have a tendency to jump on that as an assumption that I mean change who you are.

Since my #1 most important thing in sports sales it to be yourself that would be a tad conflicting I think.

As much as I would have loved to worked at the hot dog stand, it wasn’t a long term career option.  But I have been able to transform from wearing cargo shorts and hot dog shirts to suits each day without changing who I am at the core and compromising what I believe in and stand for.

I’m still having fun all day long working with my clients and customers, I’m still working with people whose problems I want to help solve, and I’m still out and about every day and not chained to a desk.

Transformations In Your CAREER Are The Key

Transformations should occur when you see an opportunity to continue to better yourself without changing who you are at the core.

Society is changing, technology is evolving and the rules of business and especially sports sales are being flipped upside down.  We must continually transform how we work, how we sell and the way in which we conduct ourselves each day.

Aka transforming. I talk about this and more in an interview I did with Sports Networker’s COO, Trevor Turnbull, a little while back. You can check that out in the video above.

And this must occur while maintaining our core beliefs and traits to thrive and not just survive for months, years and decades to come!

It starts with my Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales.  It is my own creation, my mission statement that I use each and every day.  10 Building Blocks for sports sales success no matter what decade/age we are in.

It is explained in much more detail in my books or at a speaking engagement.

Over the coming weeks here at Sports Networker I will finish delving into each of my 10 traits and steps to ensure that we thrive and don’t just survive in the sports sales world for the coming decades.

What Are Some Daily Transformations To Make In Your Sports Sales Career?


For instance…I rarely give out my office phone number…cell phone all the way.

Sell with ideas, not with your product. Give away some of your best secrets for free!

Stop following the status quo and try to come up with a sponsorship that is new and maybe, just maybe, seen as a little risky to some!

I make introductions through linkedin…not by pulling out the Yellow pages and calling the front desk.

Over and over again I will adapt and have transformations in the way I work without changing who I am as a human being. I refuse to believe that there will come a day when I will say “well that Facebook is just stupid” or “I’m just kind of a get my news in the newspaper” type of guy.

The next time you hear yourself saying that figure out how to get over it and give it a shot.  You’ll learn and be more prepared to meet with your clients, you’ll be more cutting edge and you’ll be more on the ball for your business.  If, after trying it, it’s not something that directly helps your business you can scrap it.  But at least you gave it a go!

How Do Transformations Make Your Career Better?

If you believe in transformations in your career, your future might look a little something like this:

  1. Transformations
  2. Get better
  3. Stay ahead of the curve
  4. Thrive
  5. Forever
  6. Rinse and Repeat

You’ll still being the same old cat that got to the top in the first place. And you’ll do it by just being yourself!

I’m also excited to announce that my brand new E Book “When can I KETCHUP and find my Hot Dog Stand?”is now out and available on Amazon Kindle for just $.99 cents!  What else is less than a dollar other than a lollipop?!

Do you have questions?  Need help?  Have more thoughts?  Leave your comments below, email me at and or hit me up on one of the social media outlets and I’d love to discuss and give you more ideas on any of these ten steps.

Two weeks from today…we’ll dive into volume number eight!  Thanks for reading and sharing if you like it!

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