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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 8: Check Our Ego

I think your product SUCKS!

You guys have no idea what you are talking about, advertising doesn’t work anymore.  We just need to be on social media.

You are overpriced and won’t deliver the results that I need, I have no doubt about that.

Sports sales objections.  We all get them.  Every single day if we are really doing the job that we are expected to do.

But how do you respond to a tough, personal at times, sports sales objection?  That’s the age old question that I will seek to answer today.

Check Our Ego At The Door

If we can check our ego at the door we will thrive more and more in sports sales. (And working out apparently  – according to the gym credo below!)

Whether at the gym or in a sales meeting, we all need to check our ego at times.

Whether at the gym or in a sales meeting, we all need to check our ego at times.

It starts with my Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales. It is my own creation, my mission statement that I use each and every day. Ten Building Blocks for sports sales success no matter what decade/age we are in.

All 10 of these building blocks are explained in much more detail throughout my various books or at one of my action-led speaking engagements.

Over the coming weeks here at Sports Networker I will delve into each of my 10 traits and steps to ensure that we thrive; and don’t just survive; in the sports sales world for the coming months, years and decades.

Today we march onto volume number eight! And an action that may be tough but is essential to thriving in sports sales.

Number Eight: Check Our Ego

When we receive these objections, it is very easy to fight someone with personal and loud responses.  To tell that client who just told you your sports property, “Yeah it does, you just have no idea how to use it” may come natural.

The strongest sports sales people are calm in the presence of a tough objection. They pause and think after listening and digesting the claim. They then politely explain their side of the story.

It is a tough bind to be in.  Often you feel like your livelihood is being attacked – all the work you do each and every day is being torn down by someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes.  Your ego builds up and you snap back.

But the absolute best sports sales people know that it’s not an attack on them.

No Ego

These people attacking you might have just had a bad experience, not know the truth or are just trying to play hard ball. To handle these tough objections with merit, patience and resolve – instead of anger, low blows and too much passion – is the ability to check our ego at the door when you walk into any sales call.

Every day you are representing what you feel is an outstanding product and that builds up that ego up at times.  All of the sudden you are being told your product is ugly and old and you take offense.

If our ego is checked at the door then your alerts are not on such a high level. You will be able to communicate back to the prospect or client how you really feel without coming off as a upset, boisterous and a tough-talking sales guy.

Why Check Our Ego?

When we check our ego at the door we can empathize better with the client.  We can be more patient and listen to them and try to understand their viewpoint instead of just yelling and coming back at them.

The more we can check our ego at the door, the better opportunity we have to succeed in showing the client our side of the story and proving to them that it is worth it to do business together.

There is also a much better chance the client will see success can and will occur by working with your company!  If your ego is checked outside and you can walk in with an open mind, a thought out process and an attention to detail while listening to what is really at the root of the client’s problem, greatness will occur for you each and every day.  Put that ego in your glove compartment prior to walking into your clients meeting and see how high you will soar!

Thank you for reading today!

I’m also excited to announce that my brand new E Book “When can I KETCHUP and find my Hot Dog Stand?” is now out and available on Amazon Kindle for just $.99 cents!  What else is less than a dollar other than a lollipop?!

Do you have questions?  Need help?  Have more thoughts?  Leave your comments below, email me at and or hit me up on one of the social media outlets and I’d love to discuss and give you more ideas on any of these ten steps.

Two weeks from today…we’ll dive into volume number nine!  Thanks for reading and sharing if you like it!

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