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2013 NFL Draft Madness & Analysis

Excitement. Anticipation. Mystery. Anxiety. No, I’m not describing the latest action movie, I’m talking about the NFL Draft! And this does not just apply to fans; there is also some intense emotion inside of every one of the 32 team Draft rooms. I have seen a complete range of emotions expressed as I worked in…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 04.15.13 – 04.22.13

Sports Business SequentialT Captures Fan Data for Venues to Maximize Revenue SequentialT, founded in 2009 by Peter Kraft, Tracy Howe and John Kiely, captures fan data by issuing “FanIDs.” The program identifies fans at the sporting event by allowing fans to link their ticket to their FanID. The program also captures data on fans who are…

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Females Leading the Front Office? It Is TIME!

Over 350 colleges across the United States offer an accredited sports management program, and you had best believe that a significant portion of those students are female. These young women are just as committed to sports administration as their male counterparts, and they are just as qualified for careers in sports. There are many areas…

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SequentialT Captures Fan Data for Venues to Maximize Revenue

When a sports franchise opens the doors of their stadium to the public, they have no idea who exactly those fans are. In a way, it’s like opening the doors of your home to anywhere from 20,000 to over 100,000 complete strangers. Teams don’t know who is coming into their venue, all they know is…

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National Brands Investing In Local Sponsorship in Canada

Large national brands are investing more finances in local Canadian sponsorship every day. Brands such as Tim Hortons, BMO and Old Dutch understand that reaching out to the community really does pay dividends when it comes to their reputation and it only makes sense from a business standpoint to give back to those who purchase…

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Marketing at the Concession Stand

Athletes love to eat, right? I wrote a  on Hot Dogs so I am truly honored and excited to write an article on the marketing of athletes at concession stands and the possibilities that sports brands have to now combine their lovable athletes with something they truly would like to market: FOOD! With the Pittsburgh Steelers launching…

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Social Media Reactions to Boston Marathon Explosions

Throughout its history, the Boston Marathon has been a celebration of triumph, overcoming adversity and ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. On Monday at the 117th running of the world’s most prestigious race, the celebration turned into terror in the blink of an eye. At 2:50 p.m. local time, two explosions about 12 seconds apart rocked the finish line…

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Who Will Be The Next Sports Executives Association LIVE Q&A Co-Host?

Are you pursuing a career in sports media, broadcasting or journalism? Do you dream of becoming the next on-air talent like Tracy Wolfson interviewing college football coaches on CBS? Or maybe you want to be Jim Nantz and Verne Lundquist calling NCAA Tournaments games? Or how about Craig Sager strolling NBA sidelines interviewing the likes of…

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Quarterback Dominoes 2013 – Part II

Quarterback changes happen in the NFL every off-season, but how have teams gone about making a switch? After describing what makes a great quarterback last week, let’s connect the dots on changes made this off-season. Why was a change made and what ripple effect did it have? (Notice the number of trades due to the…

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Kings Fans Asked to Use Sports Media to Save Team

There is a very good chance that NBA basketball will be making its way back to Seattle in the near future. The Supersonics moved from Seattle to Oklahoma City – who later became the Thunder – to begin the 2008-2009 season. However, in 2012, a group of investors came forward with a plan to build…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 04.01.13 – 04.08.13

Sports Business Robinson Cano Signs with Jay-Z’s Agency New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano announced last Tuesday that he fired agent Scott Boras and signed with an agency led by entertainment mogul Jay-Z. Cano is the first client that Jay-Z’s new agency – Roc Nation Sports – has signed. The superstar player from the…

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Marketability of Miami Heat Now That the Streak is Over

What happened to the bad guys?! The Miami Heat have lost.  27 W’s in a row, though.  The 2nd longest regular season winning streak of all time.  It doesn’t mean anything unless they win the title (which they will) but it sure would be a nice sidenote to this season to go along with the…

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