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SequentialT Captures Fan Data for Venues to Maximize Revenue


When a sports franchise opens the doors of their stadium to the public, they have no idea who exactly those fans are. In a way, it’s like opening the doors of your home to anywhere from 20,000 to over 100,000 complete strangers. Teams don’t know who is coming into their venue, all they know is that tickets are being sold and, and fans are paying to watch their favorite team in action. But what if teams could build a more complete profile on who was coming through the turnstiles? Thanks to SequentialT, they will now be able to.

SequentialT, founded in 2009 be Peter Kraft, Tracy Howe and John Kiely, captures fan data by issuing “FanIDs.” Think of these like a frequent flier number linked to a fan. The program identifies fans at the sporting event by allowing fans to link their ticket to their FanID. The program also captures data on fans who are “at-large,” that is, fans who are not attending the game. This is important because statistics indicate that only about 4% of a fan base actually attends games, while the remaining 96% choose to watch from the comfort of their own living room.

Fans attending the game who link their ticket to their FanID are eligible for special benefits such as in-game call outs, upgrades and prizes. Sponsors can also be linked with the program for the potential of even more rewards. Fans can also get physical badges which can be linked to their FanID. Fans can also earn rewards through their FanID by purchasing concessions and merchandise at the venue.

Teams can now obtain data on who exactly is in their venue, something that has been tough to do even in this digital age we now live in. This program, using TIQRS, a revolutionary patent-pending program, can provide team with valuable data for the purpose of future ticket sales and other areas of potential revenue.

The program also provides a team’s S+ FanScore, a proprietary algorithm that estimates a team’s potential fan base. The S+ FanScore examines more than 16 different variables to demonstrate a much larger revenue opportunity for the team. Sports is, after all, a business first and foremost. Through the S+ FanScore, a team can maximize its potential for revenue growth.

The program isn’t just limited to sports either. These days, venues originally built for sporting events now host a variety of entertainment events year round including festivals and concerts. No matter what the event is, SequentialT can be utilized by the venues to develop a better picture of exactly who is coming through their turnstiles.

For more information on SequentialT, you can visit their website here.

S+ TIQRS 2012 from SequentialT on Vimeo.

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