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Sports Web site Boasts Fan’s DNA

There are sports fans, and then there are sports fans. There is no better example than at the upcoming Super Bowl party you will attend. Every party has that relative or family friend that is interested in the social gathering; after a few mini hot dogs and a few too many drinks he’s asking why…

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Sports iPhone App Review: Kwarter Brings Fun With Social Rewards

Everyone loves rewards. From cash back on credit cards to gas rewards at supermarkets to coupons for spending a certain amount of money in retail, rewards programs are everywhere. People use them as incentives to shop somewhere and that’s what companies love in return. Piggybacking off of that idea, the iPhone app Kwarter has created a social rewards…

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Sports iPhone App Review: League For Basketball Connects Players

I have a group of friends I can really enjoy the game of basketball with. From high school to college to pro, every one of us loves the game and can talk about it for hours. What we love most is playing the game. There is only one problem: we all stink. I’m talking white…

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FanCam Brightens The Sports Technology Picture

As New Year’s Day comes and goes the sports fan is reminded of an interesting truth – the home viewing experience of a sporting event is beginning to outweigh the experience of actually being there. From high definition to 3D to 80 inch screens, anyone can essentially bring the “at the game feel” to home…

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Sports Twitter App Brings You Closer To Away Games

For most of the country, mentioning North Penn High School football would only bring a reaction to the die hard fans who see the name in the Pennsylvania state and national rankings most years. But in Lansdale, Pa, the high school’s home town, North Penn football is a tradition. From newspapers to message boards, every…

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NFL App Brings A New Excitement To Watching Games

As a Philadelphia guy, I’m having a tough year watching The Nightmare Team that is the Philadelphia Eagles. My pain is best showcased in week 12 against the Patriots when the Birds took a 10-0 lead on one of the better teams in the league before laying their customary egg, getting outscored 38-10 the rest…

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Playup Sports App – Where Sport Gets Social

This article is a guest post by Sam Hawkins A new free sports app has just been released in the UK. It’s called PlayUp and combines real-time scoring, free messaging and fan rooms across more than 20,000 live games The free PlayUp sports app includes real time scoring and statistics for more than 20,000 games,…

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Oregon Ducks Launch Sports iPad App

The Oregon Ducks have launched their new Sports iPad app. They are one of only a handful of NCAA athletic programs that have their own custom sports iPad app. The new app, developed in partnership with NeuLion, includes the following features: News – easy access to up-to-the-minute news Schedules & Results – keep tabs on…

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Tips for Designing Tablet-Commerce Websites

According to a report released by Forrester, 20 percent of mobile ecommerce sales are coming from tablet users and 60 percent of those who do own tablets use them to shop online. As the tablet market continues to take a big bite out of the PC space, businesses are retooling efforts to develop websites designed…

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Best Uses of Digital Sports Technology Today

Digital technology has come a long way. At first the sports universe was hesitant but now they have embraced it with open arms. In this article I would like to tip my cap to the impressive and custom ways teams and leagues have incorporated technology in sports. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training camp is hard enough….

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Interview with Nu Image Protection Security Services

You would think a 250+ lb. athlete wouldn’t need protection of any kind. You would think they could pulverize any person with one punch and maybe that is true to a certain extent. However, they have other things on their minds…things like playbooks, training, and game strategies. They don’t have time to think about stalkers…

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Where Will the Next Generation of Sports Broadcast Producers Come From?

This is a guest post from Dave Evans This subject came up in a meeting I attended about three weeks ago with several sports broadcast executives.  Jerry Steinberg, a Senior VP at Fox Sports, posed the question of training … and the floodgates opened.  A discussion that was intended to cover at least three other topics…

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