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World Cup Has Great Cross Cultural Appeal To Sports Marketers

Fifa World Cup 2014The World Cup is set to take place next year.  For sports marketers, this may be a golden opportunity to reach multiple cultures at once.  3.2 billion people watched the 2010 World Cup around the world. In the U.S., over 24 million people saw the final between the Netherlands and Spain.  Although Americans have yet to fully accept soccer and its culture, the World Cup may be a gateway to that acceptance.

Why the World Cup is great for sports marketers

With the World Cup just around the corner, marketers should be aware of the opportunities that come along with the event.  Gonzalo del Fa, president of Group M Multicultural, explains why:

“So many clients are looking at this asset as a global initiative, not just a local effort.  The main goal is to identify the right media partners for our clients that will deliver the highest reach but also the strongest engagement. And we are not only talking about using one specific medium, we want to create communication platforms that can leverage multiple assets to surround the consumer during those 30 days where it is all about futbol.”

To give you an idea of the TV ratings from the 2010 World Cup, have a look at this chart:

Global cross cultural audiences

2010 World Cup Final Spain-Netherlands U.S. Audience.

24 million

2010 World Cup Final Audience on Univision

9 million

2010 World Cup Final Audience on ABC

16 million

2010 Global World Cup Global Audience

3.2 billion

Even though Americans “aren’t interested” in soccer, it seems that numbers never lie.  With the 2010 World Cup final reaching a US audience of 24 million, you can argue otherwise.

Events like the World Cup can provide sponsors with both general market and hispanic market appeal.  Take Wells Fargo, for instance – Mariela Ure, SVP Hispanic Segment Strategy, explains the opportunity involved in soccer:

“Wells Fargo is seeking to reach all soccer fans across the United States. Soccer is very popular worldwide and now one of the fastest growing sports in the US. This is a great opportunity to introduce and strengthen the Wells Fargo brand in the minds of soccer fans. These fans are passionate, loyal and community oriented- qualities that Wells Fargo and our team members share and embody everyday as we seek to help our customers succeed financially.

Ure goes on to explain that the Wells Fargo sponsorship of the Mexican National Team and MLS provides the company with a way to reach a wide target market, including Millenials and Hispanics.  So imagine, for a second, the kind of exposure a company could get from a World Cup related deal.

Portada, the leading source of news and analysis on the Latin Marketing and Media space, is organizing in partnership with ACM on September 25 in New York.  If you are a marketer in the area, you may want to attend.

Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum


New York City,Sept. 25, 2013 – Scholastic Auditorium & Greenhouse with Rooftop Terrace

The Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum will take place on September 25 in New York City. Portada has partnered with Hispanic sports marketing agency ACM for the organization of the Forum. The Forum will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving Hispanic sports marketing landscape. The best speakers and thought leaders from the corporate, agency and media world will make the Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum a memorable event. The Forum can be sponsored and attended in combination with 7th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference which takes place in the same venue on September 26, 2013.

What do you think about companies advertising and/or partnering with large soccer events like the World Cup?

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  1. Habib Faruk Himel February 23, 2014 at 1:27 am #

    Hmm. 2014 FIFA world cup is very near (almost 3 months left) and marketers have started their mission to reach to different cultures. This is truly a golden opportunity for marketers and they are heavily on it.

    You can get more news and info of 2014 FIFA World Cup:-

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