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How Do College Football Fans Watch Games On Saturday: (INFOGRAPHIC)

College Football Fans-GeorgiaSaturday’s in the Fall mean only one thing to millions of Americans: it’s GameDay.

In the latest Discover Card Fan Loyalty Poll, students, school boosters, and other college football fans were polled to see where their favorite places are to watch the big game: in front of the big screen or live with 85,000 of their closest friends?

Also, the six BCS conferences are separated, so we’re able to see which conference has the most loyal college football fans.

Check out the infrographic display below from

Quick Facts: Where Do College Football Fans Watch The Big Game?

  • 83% of college football fans prefer to watch their team play on the big screen at home; only 4% would want to watch at a bar/restaurant.
  • Close to 25% responded that they’d rather leave the game early if their team was losing badly, rather than stick it out.
  • 95 % of Big XII fans would rather watch the game in front of the big screen.
  • The Big East’s fans ranked highest (26%) among the BCS conferences in wanting to leave the game early if their team was losing badly.

College Football Fans

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